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CurveFever and CurveRadio Teamspeak Channel

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CurveFever and CurveRadio Teamspeak Channel

Howdy, Curvers!

Did you always want to communicate with your teammates in CurveFever? your opponents? or the CurveRadio DJs? Well, now you don't need to worry anymore!
CurveRadio made a Teamspeak server with serveral channels.
When you join the server, you will automatically be placed in the main Lobby.
From there you have multiple options, you can join a Game Room where you and your teammates or opponents can join to have a talk (normal games). From time to time the CurveRadio Studio will be accessible for everyone who wants to be On-Air.
Next to those two options we still have one big main chat.
When there are tournaments, the Clans/Teams will also be able to create their own chat.

The IP:


I hope you'll all have fun!

Best Regards
Wallyson and the CurveRadio Team

Clan: KOLL

congratz that it is finished now. was funny to hear you guys at evening, talking about it in CR :D



My time:

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Yes, finished now! I think it's a pretty good idea because some time ago there was a topic if I'm correct to have partychat to talk with your opponents. :) And now you can do it.

Kind Regards

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Clan: MIMA

Wow, this seems to be great! Good job!

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pastakurve on 14 February, 2015 - 12:19

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Good option! People enjoying music and playing! Cool thing :)

General Manager Studio2 aka CurveRadio

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Only downside: I can't use Skype and TeamSpeak at the same time. I installed it, but I didn't have any reason to use it yet... untill now! I'll see later whether I will or not.

CF2 > CF3

~ Part of the Flappy Curve Testing Team~

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Maybe, if you and your friends all connect it's more easy to navigate between if you want to play CF or just hangout, be live on-air than on Skype?

Kind Regards

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I really love the TS server :) Everyone should get on!

Best Regards,


Contact me:

Clan: ILvL

Great thing to have :) I got greeted and introduced when I logged on by Sebastien, which was nice haha.

I need to get people on this o:

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Yes! More souls more happiness! (a dutch saying)

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Clan: Baas

The teamspeak is used quite actively! Always some people to talk with! Nice to see so much people enjoy it! 




"Then you have squared circles" - 6stijn6


The server IP isnt working, maybe update it?

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Clan: Blub

This thread is very old and outdated. Please don't necropost. I'm closing this. You can see the new teamspeak channel here:

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