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Curve2Go - a Curve Fever Fanpage

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Curve2Go - a Curve Fever Fanpage

Hey guys!

Shenn' and me created a Curve Fever Fansite.

Here you find the Link to the page: Curve2Go

There you can find many Information about the game and we also made a topic for recommended Youtube-Channels, which upload Curve Fever content.

We try to keep the site up-to-date.
This site should be a Community site, made by the community!
So if you have any question or any topics we should write / implement on the page, just write under this comment in this topic! Or write us a Private message via the forum, E-Mail (, discord, or ingame.
That counts also for mistakes we made on the page, so we can improve the page and make it better and better!

Have a nice day!

Christoph ( Shenn') & Samuel (the_hashtag)

Topic in the CurveFeverPro-Forum - (for updates and more)