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curve radio unavailable

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curve radio unavailable

I've been playing cf2 for a while and usualyl I'd listen to curve radio but now I just get a message "this radio is unavailable in your country". I'm frm Czecch rep. Any ideas why is that happening or maybe plans for different radio options?

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This problem is existing for several months now. The serverprovider is geoblocking some countries due to copyright issues. For more informations just use the searchfunction of the forum:


RiyzG wrote:

This is because we use a radionomy server to play our radio. They have banned certain countries from listening to their stations due to copyright problems (in brief words). I am not legally allowed tell you any ways that you'd be able to listen again but it is possible.


Our provider decided to disable certain countries due to copyright problems (in brief words). We have no power in banning or unbanning countries. We are looking into the situation but for now we will stay with our current provider.


Should answer the general reason.


Averazon wrote:

Our provider is geoblocking your country
Clear your browser cache and make sure you run a new clear version of our website
Are you having this problem ingame, website, apps?

Feel free to email with all the information and we'll be happy to help you out!

(May help you, even if I think that this won't affect anything.)




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