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Curve Fever Pro comes out tomorrow!

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Curve Fever Pro comes out tomorrow!

February 26th 2018 is going to be a great day, the release of Curve Fever Pro is now upon us. I haven't been this excited since the release of Curve Fever 3 in August of 2016. Anywho I have been absent from the Curve Fever scene for quite some time, and Curve Fever 2 is long gone for me. I started Curve Fever 2 in June of 2012 and became champion in July of 2014. I continued to play aggressively until the end of 2016 and essentially stopped altogether in the summer of 2017. But man, I'm excited for this new game and I'm looking forward to re-uniting with you Curvers once again while we relish in another Curve Fever masterpiece. The community we have here is diverse and welcoming - we go months without seeing each other, but when we meet once again we feel at home instanteously. I'll see you all tomorrow on release day, ill be binge-playing Curve Fever Pro just like I did with Curve Fever 2 in 2012. And good luck fighting against me, I'm going for immunity everytime baby and I'm blurring all your screens with LOW REZ FEVER BABY!



gonna snipe ur head dude Biggrin