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Curve Fever League Season 2

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Curve Fever League Season 2

Hello I am here to bring the 2nd Season of curve fever league. This time things will change.. if you are confused about what im talking about.. click this it explains everything that I have explained about for Curve Fever league.

Rules & important stuff:

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Although few things will change now..To sign up for Curve league please post below you sign up for the draft. Everyone can sign up whether you are premium or not. On draft day you will be chosen from One of the managers. There will be a Room up where the draft will take place at in Europe. It will be public for everyone to join.

Each Team will have a General Manager, the Manager is like the Captain of the team which also means 6 General Managers total. The Draft will have 6 rounds. Each round will have 6 picks in it.

General Rules

  • There will only be Thin powerup Drop 100%
  • The game will be 4v4 on Full map
  • If you want to be a General Manager you must be premium
  • Games take place in Europe
  • No multiple accounts
  • No account swapping
  • General Managers must post the score of their game in the topic that I will create specifically for league Standings
  • There will be 6 teams total with a roster limit of 7
  • Games will be every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Teams will be chosen from the Draft
  • You are not allowed to postpone your game
  • The top 4 Teams in the Standings will move onto Playoffs which will be the Knockout series to determine the Championship team
  • Players may be released but once released they will not be able to play again the remainder of the Season

Any League information such as the Standings, Point Leaders will be posted on this forum. I will post the information myself. If neither of the teams have a player who show up game night that have premium this will result in a Forfeit for both teams because the game cannot be played without a member of either team having premium. If you have any questions or concerns please post in this topic and I will respond as soon as possible

The winners of league will get prizes. The team including the manager will win 3 month premium and the manager will win an additional 2k coins for being manager and putting his/her time into league.

Season 2 General Managers

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1. chaos_2_win  Sweet Bunnies

2. LukePvM    BotUnit

3. Martha    The Fantastic Curvers

4. sam_pum   The Rovers

5. Kacirka    Silent Assassins

6. Xamuel    European Sharks

Season 2 Teams

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Team Rosters


  • European Sharks : Xamuel [GM] ; Lion, Kresca, Goatplayer, Implex, Kanches, Script
  • The Rovers : Sam_pum [GM] ; Pug, peppermint',Sonia, Perplex, Snssays, Momo
  • Silent Assassins : Kacirka [GM] ; Michal-SK, Shinkansen, s-kal, dado22, Nerofxo
  • Sweet Bunnies : chaos_2_win [GM] ; Serenity, katinka, Landende, ingeniousreader8889, Tranquility, oldghz
  • The Fantastic Curvers : Martha [GM] ; gideont, Broodje, Joskeee, cocky potato, Curvette, L0NELY
  • BotUnit : LukePvM [GM] ; reverton, Haru , Bitch.., TheRobot, Diamond, Sora.

Season 2 Schedule

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Week 1 Day 1

Week 1 Day 2

Week 1 Day 3

Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 Day 2

Week 2 Day 3

Week 3 Day 1

Week 3 Day 2

Week 3 Day 3

Week 4 Day 1

Week 4 Day 2

Week 4 Day 3

Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 Day 2

Week 5 Day 3

  • The Rovers vs BotUnit
  • Silent Assassins vs European Sharks
  • The Fantastic Curvers vs Sweet Bunnies

League Standings

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Teams                                Games Played      Wins   Losses    Points

European Sharks                           10                  8          2             24

The Rovers                                       13                   6          7             18

Silent Assassins                             14                   4         10             12

The Fantastic Curvers                 13                 4          9             12

BotUnit                                              12                   9          3             27

Sweet Bunnies                               11                   5           6            15

TOP 10 Leaders In Points

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  1. Pug 847 pts
  2. Joskeee 830 pts
  3. chaos_2_win 708 pts
  4. Michal-SK 628 pts
  5. Haru 620 pts
  6. sam_pum 587 pts
  7. LukePvM 583 pts
  8. Xamuel 564 pts
  9. Kacirka 549 pts
  10. Martha 544 pts

Playoff Bracket

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-Semi Finals-
(Best of 3)

BotUnit 10 - 5 Silent Assassins
BotUnit 10 - 7 Silent Assassins

Sweet Bunnies 0 - 10 The Rovers bye from Sweet Bunnies
Sweet Bunnies 0 - 10 The Rovers bye from Sweet Bunnies

(Best of 5)

BotUnit vs The Rovers
BotUnit vs The Rovers
BotUnit vs The Rovers
BotUnit vs The Rovers
BotUnit vs The Rovers

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