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Curve Fever is hiring a Tournament Moderator !

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Curve Fever is hiring a Tournament Moderator !

Hey Curvers,

The Curve Fever team is in need of a new tournament moderator to help organise and run official Curve Fever tournaments.

What will you do ?

The tournament mod should have at least one day free per month to run an official tournament. This needs to be consistent throughout the year and involves getting players to sign-up, making a fair schedule and being in charge of the tournament on the day. You will also need:

- handle criticism
- be active in the game to create a bound with the players
- ability to cope with pressure and multi-tasking
- being open to feedback
- good English language skills

How to apply ?

Does this position interest you? You must be above 16 year old. If so, you can apply by sending an email to The mail details will be shared with the moderators and the office team as we take the decision all together. We will require:

- your account name
- your name
- your age
- your hobbies
- how often do you play Curve Fever ?
- why do you want to be moderator ?
- what things make a good moderator ?
- why do you think you would make a good addition to our team ?

What is the recruitment process ?

1) You have till the 15 September 2017 to send your application
2) Your application => a first note /5 points
3) Written test with some real cases => a second note /5 points
4) First selection
: we do the sum of the 2 notes and the volunteers who have the best note do a Skype interview
5) Skype interview with Geert => third note /5 points
Final selection : we do the sum of the 3 notes and the volunteer who has the best note, will be hired as new tournament moderator

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Happy Curving,
The Curve Fever Team