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Curve Fever Forum Rules

Before posting make sure you are aquainted with our forum rules.

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Curve Fever Forum Rules

Curve Fever Forum Rules

For the players that forgot the rules of  the Curve Fever Forum, here they are!


Creating a new topic

  • Don't create multiple topics about the same problem/subject. Go ahead and search here:
  • Don't ask a wide variety of issues in one thread, this will make answering and discussion chaotic. One thread should be about one issue or related issues, preferably.
  • Please be specific in your post. Describe what your problem is, so that other people understand and can help. Use a good title for your thread. (aka: STAY ON-TOPIC!)
  • This is an English forum, use the English language.
  • Your questions may not be answered immediately. Please be patient.
  • Think in which forum your thread should be placed, before placing it.
  • Don't use offensive language and respect other players. 
  • Don't make your custom signatures to long or to big.
  • Don't make ads for other websites or games.
  • Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts.
  • Do not post any personal information about you or anyone else.

Replying a topic

  • Stay on topic of the thread.
  • Try to formulate your answer in one reply.
  • Don't respond on threads that are very old and unused, exceptions can be made if you really think something should be brought into attention.
  • Please don't double post if not necessary. Edit your post instead.
  • If your thread isn't answered, wait at least 24 hours before 'bumping' it.
  • This is an English forum, use the English language.
  • Don't use offensive language and respect other players.
  • Remain respectful of other users, moderators and administrators at all times.