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curve fever on firefox

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curve fever on firefox




Hello Guys

since a few Days  i notice a problem wich annoys me hard.

 in mid december 16 we got superfast 50 k internet in our house  i played curve fever 3 and 2 all was great then  no lags  or whatever i played on fire fox because steering the curves was great for me since four or five days i cant  even get to log in site on firefox i hit the big green play button  but it never gets to donload  in fact nothing happens  curve fever 2 is ok even with firefox and i can play cf 3 with IE but steering is much harder for me   I m playing on my dads pc so i cant install that cf 3 player on my own and dad wont permit that  i will have done this i there were no problems

i just want to play on fire fox  again that would be great

kindly regards








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I play on firefox as well and I've got no problem at all, so...