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The Curve Fever creativity competition!

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The Curve Fever creativity competition!

Heyy guys,

We are introducing a new competition following the success of the ‘Curve Fever Photo Competition’ in the past. Together with the office staff of Curve Fever we’re excited to bring you this news :-)

This time it’s all about being creative! Show us your creativity by making a picture, video, drawing,  whatever you like, related to Curve Fever! Anything you think people will like to see. So go ahead and start creating fantastic things! Send your work to me by private message. 
Competiton will be anonymous and the player with the most votes wins the competition. The winner will get these awesome prizes
your own in-game title and 1year premium.

The competition starts now!! You can post your work until 15th of June. After this date the voting will begin. We look forward to all the creative things you have to show us :-)

Note: if someone breaks the anonymous/secret by promoting/revealing their own creation in public, they will be out of the competition and a sanction will be taken.

The Curve Fever team

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Not long left to go now, show us your creativity and love for CF :D Lots of nice submissions already, keep them coming!