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Curve Fever is boring, why?

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Curve Fever is boring, why?


This game has no updates, there is nothing else to do than playing ranked games which are very similiar to each other... people play only the boring items so u have to play like a robot, not creative plays, just using ur trained sheme  so please can You Developers give us some info about how u gonna create cf 4 and what steps have u taken?

My request to you is just making this game like cf 2 but with much more content, new gameplay ideas, arenas were nice tbh, no custom games for ranked games then there wont be like 4 people stacking vs soloq player  and pls dont focus on ur idea of game played on keyboars srsly, focus on making it a nice free2play game with cool stuff to buy with real money, u can include premium again tbh, not many people buy coins but premium  ofc it split community but if u give us only colours and stupid heads it wont give u any profit and cf 4 will fall down as cf 3 did :( btw playing on one keyboard allow people to boost rank sadly... and its rarely used to sth else, pls care more about people who make account, play this game and less on guests who give u almost no profits from it

Just please, dont destroy my dream about new fresh enjoyable cf which much more content and cool things to do again :( btw snake heads were kinda pay2win :p Take ideas from other free2play models :D and most imporant thing is... better start for cf 4 than for cf 3... this beta was veryyyyy bad and... ofc i thing u should make client but u probably will stay with idea of cf as browser causal game who play together on one keyboard what makes nosense... if i want to play together with someone in the same room i just buy ps4 and play idk singstar...Multiplayed is basically playing together.. but just not on the same keyboard :p Well i just wrote a lot of nonsense like always i have to many ideas at the same time and i am bad at english, forgive me and not hate pls :D let everyone speak here :p


this emotes btw xd


and best option is just to close cf 2 after u release, this time better made cf than cf 3 was: P cos many people will stay on cf 2, its bad for such little community to be splitted between 2 games ^^


I did, there is nothing else like playing speed/thin, ultra boring dude always same players always same moves and there are no achievments anymore, sry but champion title is not even special anymore :P


its way more boring than some years ago btw and yes only chatting keep me on cf atm :p its also about how to make good cf 4, i just suck at english but have good ideas, geert seems like he has no idea how to make game in 2k17...

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Unholy is right. Curve Fever has 25 items not 2 items. and i agree I dont think Curve Fever is boring. The only good cf games are CF2 and 3. CF1 sucks. CF4 is coming out


but best players wont play them... its sad :c dont wanna play it with 1200- players xD there is no challenge anymore, a lot of people make new account, hard to get 2k+ these days :d gn

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Lich King wrote:

and best option is just to close cf 2 after u release, this time better made cf than cf 3 was: P cos many people will stay on cf 2, its bad for such little community to be splitted between 2 games ^^

I've just checked the CurveFever 3 forum a little bit and found this:

Rojoss wrote:

We're probably gonna keep CF3 up as long as it's still played (the same with CF2).
We might also only launch in certain regions for the new game so people should still be able to play the older versions.
The new game is also gonna be way different from the older versions.

I expect only 50% of the current users are gonna switch.
For the user that continue to play the older versions we have to keep the game 'balanced' and making everything free would be a bad decision as they would then quickly die.

If there is nothing left to unlock (no more progression) your only goal left is to earn ranking and for most players this isn't enough motivation to keep playing.
The new game will have a lot more objectives and goals so you can continue playing for years if you like.




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