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Curve Fever 3 Youtube

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Curve Fever 3 Youtube

So I've seen not many players recording Their gameplay in matchs,I record a lot on youtube matches,you guys welcome to check it you might be in one of those videos,I Uploading almost every day 2/3 matches.

I've seen that No many players knows a lot about the ShadowBeast curve so I've decided to play with a mate account to show you guys,since the shadowbeast is quite rarely in curve fever.

Enjoy and tell me what you think

ShadowBeast Reminds very much the dragon but,it's turns are similar to a snail but it pretty good I liked it :)




Clan: KOLL

You should post this at the official CurveFever 3 forum instead, then you have a better chance to get some viewers.



My time:


thanks,I'll try it I really care for people who want to wanna see their matchs,and can't record and upload it hope it will work out.