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Curve Fever 3: October 2016 Megathread!

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Curve Fever 3: October 2016 Megathread!

Hey Curvers,

Welcome to the October 2016 Megathread! Curve Fever 3 has been out almost two months and is being consistently updated. We as the moderator team are excited on how much work the developers have put into advancing Curve Fever 3 thusfar. And we hope you are too!

The Purpose of this Megathread is to:

  • Educate active players who frequently visit the forum
  • Foster in-depth discussion of Curve Fever 3
  • ​Collect everyone's diverse opinions into one Megathread
  • Guide the future life of the game

Megathread Rules:​​

  • When adding to the discussion make sure to clarify which numbered-topic you plan to talk about. 
  • I​f you want to talk about a topic that is not one of the up-for-discussion at the moment, feel free!​ We may add it to the topic-list if we find it discussion-worthy.
  • Lastly, keep discussion somewhat professional - fostering ideas and communicating them is what's important - not arguing  



​1. New gamemode: Knockout (enacted 10/14/2016)

  • Knockout is currently designed to ease players into Curve Fever 3.
  • It decreases the queue waiting time and increases the time spent alive over time spent dead - allowing for fast-paced fun.
  • What are your initial thoughts on Knockout so far? More/less fun than FFA?
  • Do you think it's easy to learn? Is the combination of curve variance, powerup unpredictability, and open walls too much to comprehend when starting Curve Fever 3?

​2. Refunding of Coins

  • Many players report that their coins are unfairly being stolen from them
  • There is a system in-place to make sure you get your refund if you are unable to load into the game
  • If you ragequit or simply leave mid-game, you will not be refunded
  • Is anyone still having issues with the refunding of coins? 

3. Coin and Gem Distinction

  • Gems are purchasable through the online store, coins are earned by placing well in Arena games and finishing custom games                                                                                         
  • Ratio: 1 gem is equally to approximately 6.3 coins,
  • You can buy curves and powerups with both gems and coins
  • You can only buy colors with gems
  • What are your thoughts on the current system? 

4. In-Game Communication 

  • The General Chat helps provide quick communication between players, chat moderators, moderators, and developers
  • The developers can send out mass-messages that all players currently online can read. It pops up in the right hand corner. This is important for urgent updates that require the game to go temporary down as well as tournament awareness - such as signing up for tournaments or getting the password to the grand finale room
  • The Discord App - which can be found in the top-right-hand corner of Curve Fever 3, provides even more communication. We think it's very beneficial - especially for questions that go left unanswered in the General Chat.
  • What do you think of the communication in CF3 thusfar?

​5. Distribution of Players in the Arena Playlist

  • As of right now, typically 80% of players online play in the Knockout gamemode. The leftover 20% are split between Arena 2 and Arena 3.
  • Most players in Knockout are beginners, however; if you are an advanced player and prefer knockout over FFA you may find yourself winning quite easily in the Knockout game mode.
  • What would be your idea on how to curve out the distribution in a better fashion?
  • What playlist do you enjoy the most - Knockout, Arena 2, or Arena 3?

6. Long-term Sustainability for Daily and Advanced players

  • Ranks, teams, and friendslists - which are all intended to be released in the future, will add to long-term sustainability and foster more community via in-game
  • What keeps you hooked on Curve Fever 3 at the moment?
  • For advanced players - what's the greatest competitive aspect right now in your opinion?
  • What would be your ideal ranking system?
  • Do you think the variance in curves will give team an interesting dynamic?

ffa america top 30%
1v1 america top 14%
team america top 39%


What are your initial thoughts on Knockout so far?More/less fun than FFA?

Not being a huge fan of 1v1, which is what K.O. becomes in the final rounds, I'm not as big a fan.  The upside is, once you're out of a game, you're free to move on to another.  I like shorter games in general.



general chat

I like that you can collapse the chat window some, but it would be great if you could collapse it completely so we don't see the talk at all.  In cf2, you couldn't do that exactly, but it was great because if you clicked on observers, it completely blocked the chat window.


BTW the bug where you die in the middle of the playfield is significantly more common now, since the update yesterday.  Instead of once every other game, it's happening to me as often as a few rounds per game.  


Since the update I have yet to have the bug where when a game fails to load, it takes your coins, refunds it, then takes it twice on the next game (takes back the refund and charged you for the new game).

So far so good, the most addictive game for me ever, made even better now.  Great work!

ffa america top 30%
1v1 america top 14%
team america top 39%

FYI i'm Losing gems and coins in the knockout arena.

I've gotten super close to 30k, like within 15 coins close, then the next game it shows I'm down four hundred coins.  That's happened twice.  Can't play in the normal arenas at all, because the "crashing into nothing" glitch is happening in every round some games.  

Any help? 


So about knockout mode:

I especially like that you can choose your color before entering and immediately play. However, I wish there was an option to remove the spotlight thing that shows you where you are. It's good for new players but otherwise it's hard to see where other curves are starting.

And about crashing into nothing, do you also see other curves overlapping with each other? It's probably this annoying bug which still hasn't been fixed :(


Some other things:

If you switch the tab, the spotlight lingers for some time before disappearing.

When you click "play again" after knockout, your color changes.. and what if you wanted to switch the curve you're using?

To leave knockout and play an arena, you have to click shop.. it's easy enough to figure out but still confusing.

Maybe, for arenas there should be a "shop" and "back to arenas mainscreen" button since I often find that going to the shop is just an annoying extra click.

@ 1. Knockout mode

I think it is a very good addition to the game. The argument "increases the time spent alive" makes total sense.

Occasionally there is the situation where the outcome of the last round does not matter. I mean, even if the second player wins he gets eliminated. Is that supposed to be so? I think it would be nice to give the second player the chance to win the overall match.

@ 2. Refunding

I have played really a lot of games and I did not notice once that it did not work. Maybe it is worth pointing out that you are sometimes not refunded instantly but later.

@ 3. Coins and gems

If there were more things to buy I would buy more ;P

@ 4. Communication

Very content with the communication.

@ ​5. Distribution of Players

Maybe just introduce an advanced knockout mode that costs a few coins (but does not replace the arena).

@ 6. Long-term Sustainability

The elo-like system from cf2 would be just fine.

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1 Knockout

I'm not a fan of Knockout. I usually win in Arean 1 so I end up playing all rounds. The last two rounds are only two and three players respectively so it take a long time for the map to fill up while no interesting gameplay is happening.

On the other hand this might actually help to keep experienced players in the higher arenas, so maybe this is actually a positive thing since Arena 1 / Knockout is mainly targeted at new players.

3 Currency

I don't think the coins <-> gems exchange rate is explained anywhere (plus there is no way to exchange them explicitly) so at the beginning those are a bit confusing. The fact that the exchange rate is something weird (iirc it's 6:1).

Personally I have decided to only spend gems on colors (since that's the only way to get those) and consequently not worry about the exchange at all.

4 Communication

I mostly don't care. There are few enough people in the game worth communicating with at all. Usually it's either trash talking kids or people who know each other in real life writing in a language I don't understand. For getting in touch with the community/devs I prefer forums since it's the only available medium where you can get back to a conversation later (i.e. it's persistent, unlike chat). I didn't even know about the discord channel and since I've only used it on one other occasion so far I'm not too familiar with it. As far as I know it's also just chat+voice so it seems a bit redundant.

5 Playlists

I play mostly Arena 2 now because it's cheap and easy. I can play very relaxed and usually come out with a plus, thus making my way towards the expensive curves (still playing ghost). I only play Arena 3 when I'm feeling focused or I want a challenge. I wouldn't mind an even higher stakes arena for that.

6 Long-term

I never really cared about the in-game community, I just like to play whenever I feel like it. What keeps me hooked is the game itself. Having a long-term goal (expensive things to buy) is also nice. As far as "competitive aspects" go I'm not sure what those might even be. Winning? :D I stopped caring about my cf2 rank a long time ago. It's basically just an entry ticket into higher level games which are usually more interesting. So as far as ranking mechanics go I really hope it'll allow me to play games on my own level (see my comment here).

I am looking forward to playing team mode again. I imagine there could be a bit more of a meta-game focusing on combining the different curves so that's a cool thing.

ffa america top 5.5%
team america top 6.1%

Game is fine.

We want arena 4 and ranking as soon as possible. (come on with the ranking guys, you knew it was a key part of CF) - and lastly FIX YOUR DOWNLOAD STAND ALONE. Why cant I move the window ? or resize it ? SO annoying... stupid. 

Get your gears up. 


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I'm not getting back my coins when I'm unable to load into the game. :(
Lost a couple of hundred coins because of that issue.

Also, I don't know why on the right sight of the game, there's a leaderboard, where it says that 2 players are in the same ranking position and are getting the same amount of coins, but after the game ends, these two aren't in the same position anymore and are getting a different number of coins as a reward, although they have an equal amount of points...
Wow, that was a long sentence. ;)

I really think that this game is absolutely amazing, but please fix these problems.

Thank you!