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Curve Fever 3 failed!

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Curve Fever 3 failed!

Hello curvers!

In this statement we'll give you an update about the lack of updates and communication from us.

Hidden Monster Games

We've created an official company with the name Hidden Monster Games.
You can check out the temporary website to read more about it.

In a week or two we'll be moving to our new office in Amsterdam.
And, from the 10th of April, we'll also have two new people joining our team (game designer and UI/UX designer).
We'll continue to look for more people like a front end developer, back end developer and someone to do the marketing and community management.

We also have an Instagram page now where you can check out some photos we made during GDC last month in San Francisco, and a look at the new office in construction.

Curve Fever

So, what about Curve Fever?
You've probably noticed that there haven't been any updates the past month.
The reason for this is because we got a lot of inspiration during GDC and got some things confirmed.

The game is made with Unity which is a very generic game engine mostly for standalone and mobile games.
WebGL and HTML canvas are fairly new which means the engine was never build for this platform/target.
During GDC we had a talk with some experts that work for Unity and got some answers on questions we've been having for a while.

Loading and performance

Currently 20% of the users are unable to load the game entirely.
Another 25% of users has horrible performance under 20 FPS.
There's only a small percentage of players that doesn't have any issues.
Normally you would be able to fix these kind of things by doing performance optimizations and creating workarounds.
However, since we use Unity we don't have any control on how the game is loaded and can't do anything about all the things that run in the background.

Game issues

Apart from the technical issues there are a lot of other things that could've been done better.
As mentioned earlier we've hired an experienced game designer and an experienced UI/UX designer.
They'll rework a lot of concepts in Curve Fever to improve the user experience and replay-ability of the game. We want the game live more to its core concepts: A very accessible, competitive game with great social support.
This means the UI of the game will probably be changed completely and game concepts will change.

So what now?

We can conclude that CF3 was a bit of a flaw and didn't work out the way we hoped it would.
Because of the issues mentioned above we've had to make a drastic decision.
The result of this is that we'll be creating a complete new version of the game.
Here are a few points that made us decide to create a new game.

A lot of people can't load the game
Terrible performance even on good machines
Graphics don't look very good due to rendering limitations/issues
The UI would need to be remade almost entirely either way
A lot of game concepts would need to be changed around


To make sure we don't make the same mistake we're currently experimenting with different 'engines'.
We're putting a lot of effort in testing performance with different approaches and make sure all requirements are met.
Currently we're investigating Pixi.JS with a ReactJS UI.
This basically means the game rendering is done directly on the canvas (with webgl) and the UI will be seperate with the rendering system Facebook uses.
We're trying to make sure the game will look great on any resolution screen and that the performance will be great on any machine.

The game

For the game itself how it's gonna be we can't tell yet.
In the next month(s) we'll do a lot of brainstorming and prototyping with the game designer and UI/UX designer.
We're aware of all the things that can be improved in CF3 and will use that to make an even better game.


During development we'll keep posting updates about the state of the game and we might ask for some feedback from time to time.
Currently we estimate that it'll take between 6-10 months to realize this new game.
The first months will be mostly designing what the new game will be and prototyping different concepts.
We'll also lay down the foundation of the game such as networking, curve drawing and so on.

After the design is finalized we'll have 2 extra developers and we'll start on creating the new game.
We plan to put out an open beta before the release to make sure the release will be smoother this time.
During the open beta we plan to continue developement and we'll do updates like we've done the past months on CF3.
This means the first version of the new game will lack features and might be very basic again.
However, we'll be able to add new features much faster especially with the new developers we're hiring.


As told before, we are in search for 2 new developers. To be more specific (click to read more):
Senior JavaScript / HTML5 developer
Senior Go developer
The new developers will work on this amazing game, in the heart of Amsterdam. Work at Curve Fever consists of short iterative sprints that is immediately tested by thousands of players. Further we believe that great games are created by the best teams. Therefor we provide all means for the developers to get on top of their fields, meaning we provide free conferences. For example, this March we have been at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to get inspired by great talks and meet new people.

Can we still play CF3?

We're not gonna take down CF3 but we'll mostly drop support for it.
This means there won't be any more feature updates and a lof of known issues and bugs will remain.
We might still fix a few bugs from time to time but the main focus will be on the new game.

It's very sad that many people from the gaming community (like me or many others for example) told you a very long time before the game even started that it would fail super hard and it always appeared to me that no one of you ever considered what we said. Your very great super moderator Alan told me that we have no idea whatsoever. I hope he finally realizes that his arrogance was always unjustified. I was invited with a few others before the game got released to give my personal opinion about the game in a private discord channel and I told Geert the whole game concept is just worse than the old game. But you didn't change one thing. You considered nothing. I think you should listen more to your own community because we played the game for a very long time and know much about the game itself.

CF3 doesn't have only technical issues, the whole concept of the game is just flawed. Changing CF2 in such a drastically manner was just very obscure. Why would you just randomly implement open walls or different types of snakes? Your new version of Curve Fever has nothing that made CF2 great. It's not competitive, you don't need skills to play the game on a high level, its only game mode is FFA and the snake control is just bad. The game modes everyone loves & mostly played in CF2 are thin team and speed team, but you just made that unplayable in CF3. That makes no sense at all. 

We always liked CF2 the way it is and we always told you that. We just want a lag free version of CF2 with a few new changes. Just copy the game to a different platform and then start to improve it. This will be a success story. I hope you finally listen.

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For those who want more infos, original article can be found here, posted by gamedeveloper Rojoss



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Just make some competitive game with good  client... seriously We didn't want cf 3 like this... arenas are rankeds, please.

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Why you just don't improve CF2 or make from it a remaster, it will be cheaper, easier and old players that likes CF2 will be happy.

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Well Levit, 100% agree.

Here is my post that I've posted just on the first day of the alpha test for all players:

It just mentioned alot of points (especially your quote "CF3 doesn't have only technical issues") there, and I was talking to some developers and moderators early there. Always the same standard answers, "these things will change until final game" and so on.

On the day we played the alpha for the first time it was obvious that cf3 won't have success. And the main reason are not the technical issues.

I just hope that the new game's gonna be a better one, but after these things that happend in the last year I'm pretty pessimistic...

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Btw, can anyone there post the link to this topic here, I don't find any register button on that whole cf3 side..