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Curve Fever 3: December 2016 Tournament Sign-up

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Clan: veni
Curve Fever 3: December 2016 Tournament Sign-up

We have a new tournament moderator: Azar.!

Hello Curvers, we are excited to announce the 3rd Curve Fever 3 tournament. It will be:


8 player FFA, all powerups, all Curves allowed!

The schedule is going to be posted on the CF Discord Channel  under the tournament section ​before the start of the tourney. We will be there to assist you before and during the tournament if you have any concerns.

Date and Time: SUNDAY, December 4th 2016, 20:00 CET (GMT+1)

(Create your room 10-15 minutes before the start time. Moderators will check for duplicates)


Spoiler: Highlight to view


  • The game is played as it is -- No compensation for bugs or lag. No rematches.
  • No cheating.
  • The organisation is always right.
  • Don't forget to have fun!


  • Be there at least 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. If your game is not listed in the lobby yet, please make it yourself.
  • All times are in Amsterdam time. That is GMT+1 or CET.
  • Moderators will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.


  • Gamename: TOURNAMENT XX (look at the schedule for your roomname, for example: TOURNAMENT 1A)
  • Password: Password will be stated on the schedule
  • Players: 8
  • Gametype: FFA
  • Powerups: All items (let player with most items host)
  • Curves Allowed: All


  • If you don't show up in the first round, you will be out of the tournament. 
  • If you have no opponent in the schedule, you will auto advance to the next round.
  • If you finish on a green or yellow place, you will advance and still have the chance on winning the tournament. 
  • Please don't leave after the first round, first check if you are still in the tournament.
  • If you finish on a red place, you will be out of the tournament.


  • Exlusive Curve Fever 3 Champ Tag in which all players will see

How to Sign Up:  CLOSED


List of Players that have signed-up [ctrl+f to make sure you are on list]

  1. Arrow
  2. Laura
  3. Speed
  4. Armani Banani
  5. Vizzr
  6. neusaap.
  7. Faith
  8. Glitter
  9. RudeDude'
  10. Lisa_Smiles
  11. SaLoBoS
  12. ThePawel
  13. die kugel rollt
  14. J.V.D Jan van Dijk
  15. moisoi
  16. Rok
  18. coolman171
  19. Holla die Waldfee
  20. HHedyHH
  21. PolaczekKozaczek 
  22. 2LEGEND2
  23. Mario1159
  24. Myckoll
  25. Thauron
  26. Curvenator
  27. .Aw3s0me
  28. Psybox1
  29. Szokon
  30. avsi128
  31. Ekko
  32. Phenomenal
  33. gkhnu
  34. theangelov
  35. rekonder 
  36. Masterbomb444
  37. Sebaz
  38. David Jø
  39. Whispcatcher
  40. Shen'
  41. btb14
  42. killerfister
  43. Serek
  44. .theKingIntheNorth.
  45. Punktwolke
  46. Kresek zabijaka
  47. El Patron
  48. GiInash
  49. krankle
  50. Dieci
  51. pleiades
  52. p4vlele
  53. Rockybones1
  54. Dust and Glory
  55. chileanway
  56. MauritooLoz
  57. EmilPemil
  58. Elite
  59. TheDanny0709
  60. MrPiter
  61. XDanielX
  62. omri
  63. Vathes
  64. zuzi
  65. Script
  66. Yossha
  67. Vedel2
  68. Nikodem78
  69. Obsolete
  70. swecka
  71. Evolve
  72. Medson
  73. Odysseus
  74. DragonLord
  75. Bronskey
  76. davidgardelov
  77. Garmt02
  78. HanniboyGaminh
  79. beer
  80. Feminist
  81. Tiksels
  82. Fluffy
  83. xHathor
  84. RiyzG
  85. MrRichter
  86. Roughneck
  87. Wurstbrot
  88. snakeysa
  89. Raytard
  90. TomTom
  91. Irsi.
  92. skubix
  93. xFokie
  94. Gumpex
  95. kompowiec
  96. Sorensen99
  97. Rawil
  98. arnesven0
  99. Pboss55
  100. slow connection
  101. Wiibor
  102. redlee
  103. Yassine
  104. beyonce_fan
  105. CurveFever
  106. Life
  107. Run.

And again --- Please Join the Discord Channel To Stay Updated on Tourney Info! ----


Clan: fuck

How do we see the list of players?

I wrote this shit when I was drunk- John 3:16

Obsolete's picture
Clan: nO

I've tried multiple times to sign up, but I'm still not on the list.

I've filled in every question correctly.

What am I doing wrong? :L

Clan: KOLL

Obsolete wrote:

I've tried multiple times to sign up, but I'm still not on the list.

I've filled in every question correctly.

What am I doing wrong? :L

The list is not updated immediatley, just manual ~every 24h, but can also take longer. Just show some patience and wait a day. And if you are still not at the list, just write a message to Run. directly(before sign up is closed).



My time:


I'm in - Gutter 
(What if i don't come, it's very possible... But I wanna try to play it again,really)



Could you please update the tournament participants list?

I don't know if my sign up was successful or not...

Thank you.


My name is not on list

Clan: veni

You were one of the players who forgot to write their name in the sign up questions, so that's why you're not included. 

Clan: veni

Whats ur CF3 username? If we forgot you and you signed up answering ALL the questions ill add you, but if you didnt write your name when you answered the questions, its your own fault, since I've been telling people to remember to write their names as well the last 2 days, and then you wont be included.


Where was I suposed to sign up, I did it here, with my cf3 name, you didn't write in this topic how to sign up and where is topic for sign up, so i did it here. My cf3 name is Gutter, would like to play tournament today if it is possible. If not, it's ok, my fault don't worry :)

Clan: veni

Oh I'm sorry I didnt' see your comment! Nevertheless, we did have a sign up docs where you had to answer some security questions, but it closed the 3rd of December 20:00 CET. (So you should have been able to see it) Everyone else signed up like that, so I'm sorry you can't be included :(

Clan: veni

There was a guide over the list of players that signed up. ''How to sign up''. There was a link to click until 3rd of December 20:00 CET. :) Next time, read the whole sign up topic so you don't miss out ^^.

Kresek zabijaka's picture

Could u post schedule here, i cant rejoin to ds ?

I am noob & I know it but I always fight to the end.

Kresek zabijaka's picture

Kresek zabijaka wrote:

Could u post schedule here, i cant rejoin to ds ?


remove it sry xD

I am noob & I know it but I always fight to the end.