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Curve Fever 2 update log

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Curve Fever 2 update log

Hi all,

In this topic we log all the changes we have made to our game


Version changes

Spoiler: Highlight to view

CF BETA 0.77 (4 april 2013)

  • Room passwords are now obfuscated
  • Champion role can't be obtained by some 'hacking'
  • Included Tribunal
  • Colors can't be stolen anymore
  • Implemented countdown sounds

CF BETA 0.76 (17 december 2013)

  • Introduced Rasta color
  • Increased friends limit to 100 for non premium players

CF BETA 0.75 (19 november 2013)

CF BETA 0.74 (9 September 2013)

  • Added Spectate option
    • ​In the game lobby you can select if you want to play or spectate
    • When a game starts, all people not playing, will automatically become I want to be spectators
    • When you join a game that is already running, you will become a I want to be a spectator
    • Wannabe spectators are visibible by the Spectate icon in front of their name
  • Moved Kick, Mute and Make Friends to a logical position
  • There is a Curve Radio stream in the menu bar!

CF BETA 0.73 (30 August 2013)

  • No need to ready up anymore, host can always start, and players can cancel the countdown
  • All icons are now displayed correctly
  • We fixed the half screen bug

CF BETA 0.72 (19 April 2013)

  • Increased size of head when big turns is affecting you
  • Fixed security issues

CF BETA 0.71 (3 April 2013)

  • New color: RAINBOW!
  • Decreased the prices of white and purple a bit
  • Changed minor things, like a different ad sometimes when you log in.

CF BETA 0.70 (26 March 2013)

  • Solved tripe thin death bug
  • Solved space bug after the game has ended
  • Now the amount of coins you get, will be dependent on the amount of rounds you actually played in
  • Now people who don't play in your team or leave, will get -100 rank points
  • Slightly altered the Cheese powerup, so it now has bigger holes and directly starts, together with a timer
  • (Solved high server pings in evenings... again....?!)

CF BETA 0.69 (25 March 2013)

  • 3 new credits powerups:
    • Enclosing walls
    • Cheese
    • Big turns
  • Credit powerups are now only 1000 credits each
  • Fixed Tunnel bug resulting in big line draw
  • Fixed that if your favourite color is a cool color, it is changed by a hot color when in FFA

      CF BETA 0.68 (12 March 2013)

      • Stopped extreme lag
      • Achievement powerups will now always drop in premium games, even if you are not a premium player
      • Removed getting credits for achievements. 

      CF BETA 0.67 (10 March 2013)

      • Hot colors in team hot, Cool colors in team cool
      • Peformance fixes
      • We are testing some styles for the snake. Please let us know what you like best

      CF BETA 0.66 (7 March 2013)

      • Creating a premium room (or being host) costs 100 credits
      • Joining a premim room costs only 20 credits
      • Improved the general performance of the game
      • Fixed some bugs with achievements not gaining credits

      CF BETA 0.65 (6 March 2013)

      • Fixed game crash bug while playing
      • Increased rank gain in unranked games by factor 2
      • Fixed ready unready bug
      • Fixed that you will receive credits for gained achievements now
      • Fixed the bug where players are scretly still teamed, when you go from a team match to a FFA match

      CF BETA 0.64 (5 March 2013)

      • Fixed bugs:
        • Premium friend joining possible
        • Team ranks bug

      CF BETA 0.63 (4 March 2013)

      For all:

      • Added old music
      • Find Friends in the lobby with the Find button

      For Guests:

      • Not listing full rooms anymore
      • Warning that you can;t play, if you can't play
      • It says clearly You when you enter a room, indicating who you are

      For registered players:

      • You can now work with Credits
        • For only 100 credits, you can now try out some premium features
        • Buy Kewl stuff with credits
      • You can make clans
      • Default settings

      For premiums:

      • You can now play with your favourite color in a team


      CF BETA 0.62 (21 November 2012)

      • Emergency update that should reduce alot of lag

      CF BETA 0.61 (28 September 2012)

      • Rejoin feature implemented

      CF BETA 0.60 (26 September 2012)

      • Some bug fixes and small other changes:
        • You can now always join a min max ranked room, but you willbe an observer
        • Better handling of settings
        • You will only see your own achievements pop up, or the powerup achievements
        • Leavers during countdown won't break the game
        • Kick by moderator message is correct now
        • Remember me check box auto disables when you enter another username
        • Uneven teams or 1v1 teams wont gain any rank points anymore

      CF BETA 0.59 (13-september-2012)

      • We introduced sounds and music, on by default
      • We made team swapping a little bit more obvious
      • Some bug fixing

      CF BETA 0.58 (11-september-2012)

      • A new name: Curve Fever 2
      • 15 achievements and 5 achievement powerups
      • Remember me functionality
      • Bug free Friends panel
      • Custom powerup selection
      • Possible to swap teams, even if the teams are full (4v4)
      • Minimum and maximum rank for premium users
      • Revamped design of the game lobby screen
      • Hitting leave at end of game wont let yo go to the main lobby, but to the game lobby
      • You can easily add players in the game lobby
      • Auto key proposal when you will have multiple accounts online
      • Not able to enter a room when you are kicked, for 30 seconds
      • Rank decayed decreased to 1% per week
      • A timer, that makes the game start after 5 seconds, and it will auto stop, when someone leaves, or changes the settings
      • No rank points gotten when a game takes to short.
      • Moderators have much more powers and different icon
      • Champions now have the crown as a special icon
      • Easier to change colors and controls
      • Split powerup has an increasing starting hole
      • Only opponents team have circle when in team play

      ADK BETA 0.57 (5-july-2012)

      • Team rankings
      • Muting now also works ingame (press a player bar)
      • Stats are back

      ADK BETA 0.56 (7-june-2012)

      • Music!
      • Altered sounds
      • Powerups can be grabbed after half a second after appearing

      ADK BETA 0.55 (4-june-2012)

      • Solved: performance issues
      • Solved: room doesn't fill issues

      ADK BETA 0.54 (2-june-2012)

      • Friends!
      • Sounds! (in stereo)
      • Solved wall bug
      • Observers visible while ingame

      ADK BETA 0.53 & 0.52 (9-may-2012)

      • Solved server performance issues, making the server side 5 times faster
      • Solved problem where your lag gradually increases
      • Chat has colors
      • Guests auto ready and guests hosts auto launch the game
      • Some minor bug fixes

      ADK BETA 0.51 (27-apr-2012)

      • Further implemented design with:
        • Seeing ranks always
        • Picking color more obvious
        • Clearer what to do to start a game
        • Teams more obvious
      • Being able to mute players: Type /mute playername or /unmute playername to mute/unmute players
      • Chat has colors and stuff again

      ADK BETA 0.50 (14-apr-2012)

      • Scaling fields (experimental)
      • USA Servers
      • Revamped design
      • And many small things

      ADK BETA 0.49 (27-mar-2012)

      • Revamped the start of a game. Now there should be no invisible powerups anymore in the first round, or double bikes.

      ADK BETA 0.48 (24-mar-2012)

      • Ring which shows which team you are
      • The host must now press the launch button before you start
      • You can set your default keys!
      • You can set your default color!

      ADK BETA 0.47 (14-mar-2012)

      • Solved delay on input
      • Solved memory leak after tunneling was enabled
      • Solved small increase in memory after each round

      ADK BETA 0.46 (13-mar-2012)

      • Solved 1 cause of mid air bug after old snakey, but I did rigourously change things, so there might be another mid air bug now...
      • Head shows reverse keys and tunneling correctly

      ADK BETA 0.45 (28-feb-2012)

      • Solved mid air bug after switch (i hope)
      • Solved mid air bug after Old Snakey
      • Listing is normal again

      ADK BETA 0.44 (27-feb-2012)

      • Solved mid air death after switch powerup
      • Solved more memory leaks

      ADK BETA 0.43 (24-feb-2012)

      • Found and solved memory leak
      • Updated Room Screen
      • Solved Split and teleport bug
      • Smoother animations
      • Solved chat bug
      • And more....

      ADK BETA 0.42 (16-feb-2012)

      • Necessary bug fixes

      ADK BETA 0.41 (16-feb-2012)

      • Team Play (not ranked, only 2 teams, pretty experimental)
      • No chat spamming
      • Less unnecessary particles
      • Less server load (hopefully)
      • Settings are change-able ingame
      • New host is preferable a premium player
      • No passwords in the chat anymore
      • And some other little changes :)

      ADK BETA 0.40 (03-feb-2012)

      • A big update this time. That's also why it took so long
      • Brand new design
      • Solved die in mid air bug (really!)
      • Able to write question marks and stuff 
      • locked rooms
      • Sorting in lobby
      • Auto memory clearing
      • Low quality option under right mouse button
      • A start has been made with sound

      ADK BETA 0.39 (19-jan-2012)

      • Hopefully (more hope than knowing) fixed lag pause die in mid air bug
      • Fixed bug where room would be invisble in lobby, after 1 game

      ADK BETA 0.38 (14-jan-2012)

      • A small update on the serverside. Now it should auto hide rooms that have been inactive for 40 minutes.
      • Also guest accounts can't join ranked play anymore

      ADK BETA 0.37 (12-jan-2012)

      • Another necessary serverside update

      ADK BETA 0.36 (11-jan-2012)

      • Necessary serverside update. No client-side changes

      ADK BETA 0.35 (06-jan-2012)

      • Happy new year, with this update. It consists of many interface improvements
      • Finding a friend works
      • Scrolling through lobby with mouse wheel
      • Ranked matches (more points)
      • See the settings of a game in the lobby and in the room
      • Better server side code
      • Cool round win screen
      • Auto landing snakes
      • Powerups have been redesigned
      • You can use the search option
      • You can see the settings in-game

      ADK BETA 0.34 (29-dec-2011):

      • Premium accounts are now the only ones who can pick a color
      • A host will now automatically be kicked if he is idle for 6 minutes (so much less inactive rooms)

      ADK BETA 0.33 (23-dec-2011):

      • Free accounts can now make 6 players rooms
      • As a tradeoff, there are less free powerups

      ADK BETA 0.32 (22-dec-2011):

      • A much requested feature: You can change your snake color!
      • The room list can now be scrolled
      • Premium ad is shown in the lobby

      ADK BETA 0.31 (21-dec-2011):

      • Updated new layout to new website
      • Fixed tunneling colours bug
      • Put 2 new powerups as premium powerups

      ADK BETA 0.30 (19-dec-2011):

      • New colors for the snakes, snakes are full coloured again
      • Reduced the amount of non premium rooms to max 4. Now non premium mebers can still join premium rooms

      ADK BETA 0.29 (14-dec-2011):

      • Minor fixes to improve performance
      • Made the darkness powerup light area slightly bigger
      • New icon for tunnel powerup

      ADK BETA 0.28 (13-dec-2011):

      • 3 new powerups, with 1 BRAND NEW
      • Slight increase in hole size

      ADK BETA 0.27 (06-dec-2011):

      • Removed ghost people staying in rooms bug
      • Maybe solved the start with a double bike bug
      • Decreased message size and possible reason for some bugs
      • Increased bonus poins received by new players, so they will be faster out of new stage

      ADK BETA 0.26 (02-dec-2011):

      • Cosmetic updates being:
        • Players on right side in room lobby don't start of as "Geert"
        • Peoples ranks are now visible
        • Sorting of scores works
        • Room info panel works slightly better

      ADK BETA 0.25 (01-dec-2011):

      • Now able to see which games are in progress, and which not!
      • Also sneek peek who is in which rooms


      ADK BETA 0.24 (30-nov-2011):

      • Updated server side code, so it will put less load on the servers
      • Now able to change keys fairly easy with the account panel
      • No multiple results submitting anymore
      • Lag Pause is maximally called 3 times now.

      ADK BETA 0.23 (25-nov-2011):

      • Lag Pause: Now max 4 times stops of 10 seconds, instead of 15 seconds AND a lag pause is followed by a large hole, so you can compensate for difficult situations
      • Now possible to join running games
      • Your gain in points for ranked games is now shown at the end
      • No particles... (test)
      • Maximum of players in one room reduced to 10 instead of 12
      • Match history is now tracked. The forum will soon show this history
      • Split powerup has a slightly larger hole, so now you can make 1 full circle

      ADK BETA 0.22 (15-nov-2011):

      • Head changes when getting a powerup
      • Game is maximaly 5 times paused per person when someone lags, after that he won't be kicked, but his input will be rejected
      • More performance upgrades
      • Chat spam fix
      • No more death animations or stopping of the bike, when you don't see that on your screen (Experimental)

      ADK BETA 0.21 (11-nov-2011):

      • Auto adjustment when the game runs slow
      • Less particles
      • Less lag

      ADK BETA 0.20 (10-nov-2011):

      • No chat kills anymore! you can now always type, and your keys will automatically be removed from chat when you are playing
      • No jumping around of your own snake anymore
      • Small bug fixes

              ADK BETA 0.19 (08-nov-2011):

              • Starting positions and keys are shown
              • Each round has a summary of that round
              • The winner is shown at the end of the game
              • Old snakey others powerup now takes a little longer
              • Width of snake and hole size are the same as in old Achtung (as a matter of test)
              • Small bug updates
              • Default keys are now the left arrow key and right arrow key again


              ADK BETA 0.18 (04-Nov-2011):

              • Game is paused when a user is lagging
              • User is kicked automatically when a user has lagged for 10 times
              • ESC button will now get you you out of a game
              • No more phantom rooms and players online. Also the count of players and rooms should be correct now.
              • No advertisement at load, but an advertisement when you have logged in
              • Works in Opera Browsers
              • Shows direction of your snake at the start

              ADK BETA 0.17 (18-Oct-2011):

              • 2 new powerups! (early release for staurday, because I am away at saturday)
              • Increased lag reject to 3 seconds
              • Fixed die in mid air bug

              ADK BETA 0.16 (17-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed 1 source of the die in mid air bug
              • Reduced the number of messages, even more... This should be notable when playing with many people on 1 keyboard

              ADK BETA 0.15 (16-Oct-2011):

              • Reduced the amount of messages send even more
              • Choosen best anti lag techniques
              • Your own snake won't 'jump' anymore because of short key presses, right after each other

              ADK BETA 0.14 (15-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed the bug in which a powerup suddenly dissapears

              ADK BETA 0.12 (15-Oct-2011):

              • Introduced a brand new powerup!
              • Fixed mega particle spam bug and die in mid air bugs
              • New anti lag techique (experimental, so it might do the opposite)

              ADK BETA 0.11 (14-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed the die in mid air bug 
              • Fixed scores that updated wrongly bug

              ADK BETA 0.10 (13-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed a hole bug
              • Use new anti lag techniques

              ADK BETA 0.09 (12-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed one type of lag problem (which was actually bad syncing)
              • Further improvements on the drawing system
              • Reduced amount of messages send to and from the servers, which might reduce lag

              ADK BETA 0.08 (11-Oct-2011):

              • Changed engine workflow a bit
              • Better logging of errors, to finally get rid of most of the lag in the next update
              • Powerups now come back on the screen when you "mis catch" a powerup
              • Removed die animation when you did not die

              ADK BETA 0.07 (09-Oct-2011):

              • Removed the "die in mid air" bugs
              • Fixed the reverse controls not correctly working, bug

              ADK BETA 0.06 (08-Oct-2011):

              • Added 2 new powerups: Clear field and Reverse Controls
              • Improved performance dramatically
              • Increased lag cutoff (so now it would take even longer before it doesn't respond to your keys, but it also increased lag hugging)
              • Revamped the main lobby screen
              • Put back the particles
              • All kind of minor changes to the layout

              ADK BETA 0.05 (05-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed the problem with ending a game and going from room to room
              • Removed particles
              • Internal performance boosts

              ADK BETA 0.04 (04-Oct-2011:

              • Added version control check, so you now can't login, unless you have the latest version of the client. This way no 2 incompatible clients can play with each other.

              ADK BETA 0.03 (04-Oct-2011):

              • Fixed hole bugs
              • Fixed punctuation bug in password field
              • Added icon for split powerup, changed split powerup a bit
              • Powerups now take immediate effect, as a test to see if the lag won't pose a problem to this
              • Added some statistics to the online game lobby
              • Fixed Keys problem, when an observer got upgraded to a player, it now will respond to those keys
              • New colors for the snakes

              ADK BETA 0.01 (03-Oct-2011):

              • First release of the open beta

              Pinkney's picture

              Will the ranking system be working at the start of the beta (besides finetuning)?

              Proud member of the official Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam Flash Kurve Team.

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              Yes, it will work right from the start, but don't be too afraid. Maybe there will be a large reset or something when the real game starts


              DuckyWucky2's picture

              Can't wait :) Something to do while studying for exams :P

              Music Team - Achtung Die Kurve 2

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              I am curious what you think of the new powerups, and functionality. So I will release it tonight at 9 o'clock have fun! But it will only be on this site, so don't expect alot of people around...


              Opfipotter (not verified)

              Which timezone?

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              Excuse me, but it is the GMT +1 timezone (Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin time)


              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              Would people want to play it, without the state of the art design? That is coming a little later...


              Pinkney's picture

              gameplay > graphics

              Proud member of the official Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam Flash Kurve Team.

              DeloreanM's picture

              ooh gimme gimme gimme!


              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              we start 10 minutes later



              YEAH! :D


              all right, bro

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              Its there! (see the front page)



              Nice and fun to play. But ways to laggy!!!
              Please add a function to disable the sparks around the player

              Is the "clean-screen"-item gone? I liked it..

              The playground should be a bit bigger.

              Skwara's picture

              Because of the glow, it's impossible to pass a hole while being FAT.


              the game server is unreachable! ??


              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              I can perfectly log into the game servers... However, please keep on telling when the game servers are unreachable, because we might change some things...



              is there a different playing as a guest or to sign in? i'm in an university in germany and can it be that the game doesn't function with the proxy from the university?

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              I do not know this. It sounds unlikely, because we use just the normal internet protocols. Maybe some other people can confirm or reject your assumption?


              DuckyWucky2's picture

              Can't logon!

              Music Team - Achtung Die Kurve 2

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD


              ADK BETA 0.04:

              • Added version control check, so you now can't login, unless you have the latest version of the client. This way no 2 incompatible clients can play with each other.

              The solution is to clear your caches (by pressing ctrl+f5) and restart your browser


              DeloreanM's picture

              If Ctrl+F5 doesn't clear the cache in Chrome, here is another solution:

              Use Ctrl+Shift+Delete in Chrome to get a popup window in which you can clear the cache, this time for good!

              Good luck Chromers!

              Clan: MODS

              We are currently working towards update 0.06 tonight.

              I got up early to ensure that the experience of the new version will be as good as possible so I'll try to add as much elements as I can!

              See you tonight.

              Lead Designer-Programmer for Curve Fever

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              As it is normal, we got a little problem with our deadline, expect it to be more or less 10 minutes later.


              DuckyWucky2's picture


              You spelt dramastically wrong it's dramatically :P

              And I have started work on the music!

              Music Team - Achtung Die Kurve 2

              Skwara's picture

              Sometimes when I pass a hole close to a snake, there's an animation of crashing, but I can go ahead. Just animation which is distracting. And why particles again?!?!

              And two more things:

              Here I died right after taking split:


              And here I died with no reason:

              Geert's picture
              Clan: MOD

              The particle is a matter of tatse, we like it, but I promise there is going to be a setting, so you can play it without particles

              As for the 1st scree, you play on your own. There is no enemies left, so you win the round, perfectly valid

              As for the second screen, if you are online right now, we might go and test it...?


              Clan: MODS

              Haha "welcome to gametitle"

              I'll get on to that right away

              Lead Designer-Programmer for Curve Fever

              Skwara's picture

              Geert, I couldn't type when we played the last game. I wanted to tell you that when you took a split and died with two snakes near each other, there was too much stuff hapening (particles, glow and dying effect x2). I had no idea where i can go.


              I'm not sure, but I think snakes don't change colour of their head when they've reverse controls.


              I had 8 point, I crash head to head with someone, and then i had 7 points.

              Topic locked