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The curve controller

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The curve controller

Hi there !

Me and my crew were thinking and we are going to made a controler just for Curve fever.
It will have only 2 buttons an a fan whitch is going to Cool your hands an it will be wireless.
Im asking you what do you think about this controller ?

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A controller made just for curve fever :D

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ink it ould be senceless, because nobody or only a few people will buy it. we can use it only for curvefever, and the first thinking of curefever was that you can play with 1-6 persons on 1 keyboard and not allone. the next point is, we would always need controller and the mouse, becase with the controllerwe couldnt: klick on players, to see rank; we couldnt change from chat to observers, we couldnt look for our ping...    so it wouldnt be a soo good idea. but do what you want, its your money whic you would spend to create this controller.

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Nobody will buy it I think, but it sounds great.

It sounds like a new Curve Fever Project.

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I wouldn't want my hands being cooled, when my hands are cold I touch my keyboard a lot harder by accident, this is bad when trying to pass holes and tight gaps etc

I play better when my hands are warm.

When I read the title I thought it was going to be a mini joystick which only had left and right functions. I thought that would be cool.


And also in response to TOD, this isn't a replacement of your mouse and keyboard, ofcourse you will still have them. This is an additional feature which you can also plug in at same time I think.



You can already play with a ps3/ps4 or /xbox360/xbox one controller. 

You plug the controller into your computer, using the controller cord to connect. You then instal the drivers, which you can search for online.

You then map two of the buttons on your controller to your two keyboard buttons on choice using this program:

For those of you who don't want to buy this program, i'm sure you can think of other ways to get it... (yarr i have a peg leg and hook). 

The  program is really BASIC to use, and if you have any troubles just google how to work it. 

I've played curve with a ps4 controller and it works great, i used the joystick and it has quite an impact on your performance.



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And a wireles controller could create lagg!



I think it's a great idea :)


Thx for your opinions.
The curve controller will have a cooling fan when and a on off switch.

This project is not for making money it's just for fun. But 

When the controller will be finished i wil make a video and if somebody want to have it we can sell it and it will have a cheap price.

Our next project will be more interesting.  We want to make a controller that it will be cheap, many functions and awesome will be that you can change the shape of it it will depend on what shape woul like the user or what game he of she will play.

But that is jus somewhere in the future.
Thank u all again for taking time to reply :D



No lagg i tried whit the first one i mede :)

It's working fine whit no problem.