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Creating or retrieving accounts

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Creating or retrieving accounts

Hello curvers!

Another guide to give you all more information on what the moderator team notices within the community. This time we will talk about users creating new accounts.

We receive a lot of support questions for a lost account. This could be because you forgot the email, password or don't have access to the email anymore (in order to reset the password). Here are a few very good tips!

  • Use a real email, not temp emails
  • When choosing a password, use a password manager or sentences which serves as your password. Those are easy ways to remember.
  • When playing on your personal device, you can save the login information.

If you have lost access to your account, you will need to contact the Curve Fever support service. You will need to proof that you are the owner of the account. We do this in order to prevent account stealing and to ensure our security level. Which proof counts?

  • Emailing us with the email registered to the account
  • Clear screenshots or videos showing you are the owner. These may NOT be edited in any way or form.

We will only be able to help you when we can be sure you are the official owner. Retrieving your account with account sharing involed or proving ownership with payments will not be accepted. Try to always give us clear and honest information about the situation you are in. With keeping all this in mind, we will be able you out better and quicker.

I hope this helped you and answered a few questions!