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Could not login !!

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Could not login !!

Hi , cf staff

I was playing an ffa game and suddently i got kicked out of game and couldnt login again ! Because of that i lost 27 rankpoints ! -_- i dont know if your servers went down or what but i pls want my rank back ! 



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Same shet with me -.-
I got kicked approximately 1min after TheReal_OBEY left the game.

I couldnt login for like 5min,
always "signing up..." and then "PlayerIO unreachable"
after i got loged in again, i couldnt play in europe servers -.-

I dont care about my rank but I just had to say it sucks.

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Sounds like a PlayerIO error which is annoying. If the game counted towards rank then the CF server was fine. Apologies for this but we can't give rank back for bugs/errors at this time.