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Connection problems

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Connection problems

Hi guys,

I hope someone is reading this. The thing is that i am from south america (Argentina) and i really enjoy playing curve fever in the europe servers because there you have the prem rooms like team and ffa. I prefer playing in Europes rooms because in Americas there arent many prem rooms and many players to play with. But the problem is that these last weeks i have been having problems with connection as slows or lag. I hope you could fix that because here in America there is a lot of people who enjoy playing in Europes rooms and we cant play as we would like because of that. 

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english. 


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I don't understand what you want them to do?

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In my opinion they should work in developing the connection of the servers of CF2 (if its possible to make it a better quality). They should keep working on making CF2 better, it has more potencial than CF3