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Connect the Clans!

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Connect the Clans!

Hey there! 

Since a few updates it's possible to put a tag in your name. The most players use the tag to show other players that you are part of a clan. 

There are many clans at the moment and from time to time some clanwars. We haven't an automatic clansystem, with protection against fakers, or clantournaments.

What we ask:

Are you good in making websites? Or are you known with extern clansystems? Help the Curve clans connect to some clanwebsites! 


In past I made this, but I haven't much time to organise this all. May this be inspiriration for you?





Feel free to help us!



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Haha, what the fuck is the video dude? How many mushrooms have you eaten to get a movie like that? :~D

Have you missed my Curve Fever video?
Watch it here:

Clan: S420

i think you should make a clan system to see whos are in the clans , if freeeaikign usefull :)))
Weed clan has about 20-25 members i want to see all of them :)

Achtung die Kurve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clan: XTC

Also, a Keyword for Clans would be nice. So that it becomes exclusive and not FFA.

Clan: zsm

Well, i don't know if i should write about it in this topic, but in my opinion all this clan-stuff should be involved in game, i mean for example other button "CLAN" on which u can click to see your clan members, you clan last games, invites sent to other players to join clan etc. Now all clan stuff is only 4 letters u can put before ur name, but even someone that is not clan member can put them too. Site would be good idea but i think it would be better to put all clan stuff into game, because it will be pretty boring to put all results on site manually, add clan members manually etc

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team america top 8.8%

Hmm I agree with pretty much 2hot4u is saying, also try to make a standings table to see who's ranked the highest etc and maybe if you there is going to be standard times you are having a clanmatch, this idea in itself would be great, too bad im just a clown and can't do anything, would be great if somebody else would do it though !


We've found someone who wants to implement the clansystem. will take some months or more for launch.



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