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Competitive games in Curve Fever 3

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Competitive games in Curve Fever 3

Hi guys,

As you know we are working hard on improving Curve Fever 3. We would like your input on how we can best incorporate competitive play in Curve Fever 3.


Our roadmap

To do so we first need to explain to you how our roadmap looks like for Curve Fever 3. It basically consists of:

  1. Matchmaking based on rankings
  2. Iterate over rankings
  3. Implement friends
  4. Implement teams and so that you can play team games with a party/friends
  5. Add more options for custom games
  6. Implement XP

We would like to ask you the following quesion:


How to implement competitive play in CF3?

As you know, Curve Fever 3 is a tad different than Curve Fever 2 in its setup.

Curve Fever 2s competitive play revolves around custom games and that you can get rank points in custom games. This makes the game social. You can really join a room, and your friends follow you in the room. Then you can linger in the room for a while and play some games before you head off. The drawback is, off course, that there is a lot of boosting and teaming going on. Also, in team games the teams are almost never really fair, as the host chooses the highest ranked players in his team.

Curve Fever 3s competitive play revolves around arena games. Players can't choose against whome they want to play. In FFA they also can't choose with whome they want to play with, however, in Team they will be able to form a party. Custom games are only there to experiment with the game. This makes boosting much harder (and we could eliminate it altogether) but makes the game also less social.


We can make changes to competitive play in Curve Fever 3, based on your feedback. How would you desing competitive play for CF3?


Best regard,


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Exactly as you say, arenas and matchmaking give an overall view of skill. I really like the arenas currently. If I want to be competitive then I want something to play for. Two month seasons are cool and satisfy a long-term goal, but I'm talking about more short term. Perhaps a bi-weekly sprint and whoever earns the most rank in those 2 weeks gets an avatar crown or something, which is then moved to the winner of the next sprint. Or even more exclusive - a special curve or colour is added to their inventory to keep (this could alternatively be only for the overall season winner). I also recommend an automated hall of fame page for the above example setups. Tournament champions could be added there too. 


Looking forward to seeing more ideas :3

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Additionally - the rewards for winning the sprints could revolve for each consecutive sprint. So there could be 5 different things to win, let's call them badges. If you collect them all then you get something even better and a "Curve Fever legend" status or something. *throwing ideas everywhere*

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It would be much better, if ranks would be based on custom games,too. Custom games aren't interesting for me atm at all.

If rank is based on arena games, it depends on luck way too much, because matches are too short etc.

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I would not like to have custom game any impact into ratings.

They should be only for fun and training in my opinion.

Also weekly races are great idea ^^