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color (jungle) unchecks after a couple of games

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color (jungle) unchecks after a couple of games

Ahoy guys,

I recently unlocked the jungle color for the trail and as the title states it keeps unchecking after a few (or even one) game(s). I have to manually go back into the settings and reactivate it. My Icon stays the same and doesnt uncheck whatsoever. Any ideas why this keeps happening? Relogging and restarting the pc doesnt help.



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Weird stuff, didn't heared about this yet. Maybe this one helps you:

1. step: Login here with your account and click at the top right "my account"

2. step: Next to "view" click "edit"

3. step: Scroll down to "Preferred color" (above the signature setting)

4. step: Choose your colour(as non-premium you just can choose between the unlocked colours)

5. step: Scroll down and click "save"

Now test it and if it's unticked again, just write a comment below.

Note: As you are non-premium and premiums have some advantage, this could be the reason of your problem. As premium nobody can take the colour you have choosen(if no other premium has taken it before at this room), but as non-premium anybody can take it(anybody who unlocked the colour).




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hmm i tried to follow your suggestion, but I cant find "preferred color" above the signature setting

i took a screenshot if that helps. I edited my signature and saved the whole thing, but the problem still exists. After a fresh login the jungle color was unchecked again.

Not sure if i fully understand your note, but usually when i started playing noone else was using the color, neither premium nor non-premium users. Everyone (including me) played with the standard colors until i reselected the color after the match. I am very new to curvefever and only have an account since 2 days, maybe this causes some issues?



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this bug is about premium option. if u have only 1 bought colour and u set it like default, u won't be able to change it unless u become premium. u can buy more colours, but 1st u chosen like default will remain like default, even if  u try to change it.

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wow, thats mooh up imo ... i understand that you guys want to finance the game via the premium option, but i paid for the color, making me pay again just so i can use something i already paid for is just mooh ...

maybe i dont fully understand your post (english is not my native language) but i really cant grasp the conecept behind this. Well i am not paying for premium just for this ... gotta do it manually everytime i want to play a game then.

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I understand there are some weird little bugs with the default colours and premium/non-premium users. There should be a way of fixing it. One thing I did notice was that you can only click on a certain area of the colour box or it will not activate. Sometimes you can only click where the tick is, other times you can only click on the area without the tick! I think the same applies to icons.

Maybe drop me a private message and we can look at it 1 on 1.