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Let good free players get some coins...

Only last free person on premium game will lose -5 coins

Free players who will take 1,2,3,4 possition on game will earn +3,+5,+10,+15 coin ....



GIVE FREE PLAYERS OPTION TO EARN COINS  to   Play this game by yourself

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You buy premium to get extras (no extras that give you an advantage over non-premium users in-game), not to get restricted from them. Introducing a system you just suggested would render a premium account a little bit useless.

What's wrong now? You get 1 credit for every minute played, so on average you have to play 2 games to get into 1 premium. And on a side note the rank gain in unranked games was doubled, making it easier to rank up even that way.

The point of losing coins when being bad is just plain stupid. I don't think this needs any explanation.