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Well, as the subject shows it properly, someone (Gabe04) bought me some coins (4,99€ so 5 500 coins), but I didn't received it. Then I saw an e-mail, opened it and saw a kind of code. I clicked on it but then I wasn't able to do anything, and I unfortunately deleted the 2 e-mails...

May I beg your help please?

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dis is my first post xd 

well we just knew whats wrong, i bought him premium 3months instead of coins 5000 D: can it be swapped xd <3



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Send a mail to where you tell about all this and im sure it will be fixed Wink

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Hello Ayahuasca666,

Payment issues are directly managed through our Support for the confidential aspects. As OnreteP mentioned, get in touch with us by using

Thank you very much

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