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ClanNews September 2015: Changes in leader system

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ClanNews September 2015: Changes in leader system

Hello community,

today we start a new feature called the ClanNews. It should give you an overview of the happenings in clansection.

So what happened in August?

A new clanmoderator started his work and is very happy with the cooperation with the former team, the other moderators and the players.

We introduced a new rules page in which some older rules and new rules are mentioned in a clearer way also explaining the ranking system and so on.

Then there was our monthly clan tournament, held on the 15th of August. This time it was a 4vs4 thin tournament in which 24 clans were registered. 7 clans of them had none or not enough players for which rule 2.4 was executed.
After some exiting rounds clan GiBo playing with the players Gilnash, theRealMadridcf, Pjush and Yellow.' won against clan LvLy (Ken', Mr.Kyuubi, Lovely' and Jon') quite dominating with 10-2 in the final, winning the second trophy for this clan. LvLy themselves has beaten vS in the semi-finals, taking their first beating since 9th of May, and won 77 ranking points which maybe is the biggest (regular) win a clan ever had in one game.
Thanks one more time to sam_pum who streamed the tournament on twitch.

Our monthly activity award (rule 3.3) for August 2015 goes to clan Hype, which played not only the most games against different clans but also the most clanwars (38) in August. Congratulations.
Other clans with more then 20 clanwars were N3RO (36), IZY (23), Qnt (22), Audi (21), ALFA (21) and Dojo (20). (no liability assumed)

The ranking of the top clans after August shows vS leading with a big advantage followed by PTB, buny, BeC and DNVD. Completing the Top10 are XGER, LvLy, HC, Sice and THWS.

Coming next:

Changes in the leader system are introduced by adding some new features.

Leaders of a clan can give certain abilities to players like approving new players, kicking old players and set up Co-Leaders. Co-leaders are appointed by the leader (or other co-leaders) and are second in command. They have the same privileges as a leader, but cannot demote or kick out the leader (and getting a blue crown on clan page).
Furthermore we decided to give the approving function to every player by default to help clans with inactive clan leaders approving new members. There will be a transition period in which the leader is able to change the permissions like he wants to before it has effects. This period ends on 13th September 20:00.

The member list of a clan is now sorted like: clan leader always on first first position, after him his/her co-leaders, and other members sorted by clans registration date.

Last Point: The clan tournament is expected to be held on a saturday in the middle of the month like always. Further information coming soon.

Greetings and have fun curving

Curvefever Clan-Team


Really nice that you guys have added the new feature. But in the image it might confuse some people, the member names made me think that it's the leading system, till I realised it were members. But again, really good update! 


clan skt played 20 clan wars too ^^


nicely done

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Very nice

Some say Barcelona is the best team... some say Real Madrid is... 


but the best is FC Bayern München

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ffa america top 61%
team america top 7.1%
Clan: HC


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ffa america top 3.7%
1v1 america top 27%
team america top 46%

This is a good change! Thank you.