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ClanNews October 2015: Another change in ranking system

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ClanNews October 2015: Another change in ranking system

Hello community,

today time for the 2nd ClanNews. Here we go.

So what happened in September?

We successfully changed the leader system. You can read about it here if you have missed it.

Furthermore we had our monthly tournament on the 19th of September: It was a 3vs3 basic tournament (just the first two rows of items) with 21 participants. Some didn't start and got a rankdecrease following rule 2.4. After certain nice games VIP won the final against clan Herz with 10-5.
Thanks to our streamer(s) who are responsible for streaming and providing this video of the final

Another change we had in the ranking system. We decreased the number of clanwars to avoid rankdecrease from 5 to 3 games in two weeks (rule 3.2,). Furthermore we added a new rule regarding server choice for clanwars (1.6.)

Another minor change is that you can now invite people to a private chat via his clan profile page.

The ranking of the top clans after September shows vS leading with a big advantage followed by PTB, buny, DNVD and BeC. Completing the Top10 are XGER, LvLy, HYPE, HC and Sice.

Coming next?

Nothing big planned. The clan tournament is expected to be held on a saturday in the middle of the month like always.

Greetings and have fun curving



good to know! :D


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Our monthly activity award (rule 3.3) for September 2015 goes to clan SDW, which played the most games against different opponents even LTL had 2 clanwars more in total (38). Congratulations.
Clans with more than 20 clanwars were: LTL (38), EAFC (37), SDW (36), K4RE (33), zbyh (27), VNM (27) and Audi (20)
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