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ClanNews November 2015

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ClanNews November 2015

Hello community,

today time for the 3rd ClanNews. Here we go.

So what happened in October?

We had our monthly tournament on the 17th of October: It was a 4vs4 thin tournament with 22 participants. Some didn't start and got a rankdecrease following rule 2.4. After certain nice games clan Herz won the final against clan RovU with 10-7.

From the “office” there are no news this month.

The ranking of the top clans after October shows vS leading followed by PTB, EAFC, DNVD and buny. Completing the Top10 are XGER, KOLL, LvLy, HYPE and HERZ.
It seems that there could be a fight within the next weeks for 2nd place including PTB, EAFC and DNVD. Will be interesting to see if these clans will try to claim this position by beating the other two ;)

Coming next?

Nothing big planned. The clan tournament will be held on the 14th of November. Take a look at the forum topic.

Greetings and have fun curving