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Clan Tournament October 2016 - 4vs4 none

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Clan Tournament October 2016 - 4vs4 none

Hey community,

the poll decided to play 4vs4 none.

Registration is open till 18:00 CEST on Saturday
----> The tournament will be held on Saturday, 15th of October at 20:00h CEST. Pay attention to the spoiler.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Important change: We want to keep the Double Elimination format and we want to minimize the free rounds for every clan in the first round(s). Therefore we decided the following:
a) less than or equal 16 clans register we will play normal DE format at 20:00 CEST
b) 17-24 clans register we will make something like a qualification starting at 19:00 CEST. This means that the highest 8 ranked clans who signed up are in the tournament at 20:00 CEST in any possible way. Depending on the numbers of clans that signed up over 16 we want to be the qualification a group stage (of 4 or 3 clans in which 2-1 can qualify) or at least played with direct rematch. The clans ranked lower than 9 should be ready if they have to play in there. Positive effects we will have are finally a bracket of 16 clans and especially inactive clans won't be in the tournament so clans who would be there have a better chance to get the spot in the tournament
c) 25-32 clans register: Single elimination in a 32 bracket

Dont forget to read rules on the rules page, tournament page and past tournament topics.

Any questions? Send me a message or write it here.

If you are looking for a clan/players, you can use this topic!

Good luck in advance to everybody

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need team, pm

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I'm actually so proud that I was the only one who voted for rspeed geraser. Best items ever


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One day left, so hurry to registrate - the battleground for clans

Clan: Mod

13 clans signed up, following rule 2.2. clans os, Dzik and 27 will start in round 2

Bracket published soon

Good luck to everybody - the battleground for clans

Clan: Mod

Shedule published, draws by Jezevec10 - the battleground for clans

ffa america top 1.6%
1v1 america top 21%
team america top 35%
Clan: Miau


Nice tour, thanks for mods to organize it! :)