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Clan Tournament November 2016 - 4vs4 GSpeed+playerswitch

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Clan: Mod
Clan Tournament November 2016 - 4vs4 GSpeed+playerswitch

Hey community,

last month the poll decided to play 4vs4 none.

So this month we thought we try something different and getting out of a rut (none, thin, special, speed and so on followed again and again). And why not combine this with a known set up of the world cup and the power of the second most votes in the poll .
So this month we play 4vs4 GreenSpeed, bubbles, blueeraser and playerswitch.

Registration is open till 17:00 CET on Saturday.
----> The tournament will be held on Saturday, 19th of November at 20:00 CET.
This time we limit to the best 16 ranked clans that sign up (wasn't reached in the past tourneys, last-minute free spots by clans which don't show up will be filled if possible) and of course it's played Double Elimination.

Dont forget to read rules on the rules page, tournament page and past tournament topics.

Any questions? Send me a message or write it here.

If you are looking for a clan/players, you can use this topic!

Good luck in advance to everybody

Clan: Slo

Hello! I'm leader of clan SLO.

Our clan needs 1 gspeed player(we got rest of them for this tournament).

Requirements are:

-You have to speak fluently Slovenian

-You have to be miniumum 1400 in ffa

clan link is here:

Good luck to other clans! :)

Best FFA: 1737
Best Team: Somewhere around 1450
Best 1v1: 1250

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team america top 13%
Clan: cek

I still do not understand why the tournaments are set on Saturday

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Clan: So

Which day of the week are you less busy........ *music2* (Mine is Sunday, but i guess more people are less busy on Saturdays) Does that answer your question??


Edit: please do not spam in full caps on the forums. /Nina

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Ninaballerina on 19 November, 2016 - 18:08

I don't have a signature... *dirol*

Clan: Mod

One more day to sign up. 13 clans so far so everyone atm is able to play - the battleground for clans

Clan: TBU

hmm why these items? its not cool and not funny just boring.....

Clan: Mod

16 signed up so far, so maybe there will be a fight for the last places allowing you to start in the tournament.
Most endangered clans atm are
#14 YEAH 1061
#15 Qty 1020
#16 HoLy 1009

@BrainrAge: In the entry post the reasons for this items are given like i already told you ingame - the battleground for clans

Clan: Mod

Registration has been closed. 17 clans signed up. Clan Qty has been taken out as not enough players were in clan when registration closed. So we have our 16 clans. Shedule will be published soon.

Edit: Qty taken out, HoLy is in

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TheGordon on 19 November, 2016 - 17:15 - the battleground for clans

Clan: Mod

draws by Jezevec, shedule published. good luck everyone - the battleground for clans