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Clan tournament - JEFF clan wins 2v2 thin

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Clan tournament - JEFF clan wins 2v2 thin

What followed a very exciting build-up to the game ended very soon. Jeff clan making their first debut after Sam_pum spent months talking about this mythical clan and LAT representing our beautiful South American neighbours. We will shortly upload a very agonising video which will probably last for four minutes.

First, ALFA failed to even show up to the event. Idrizzy and aganbagan were too busy getting their butts kicked in 4v4 thin games.

Bird clan thought they were pros having Xiyo and that taco_boy15 play. But it all ended in dismay when they got out in the third round. Maybe you shouldn't have kicked me from clan.

TPM clan was far the most impressive. Having won easily in first round, narrowly beating their opponents in the second round, bypassing the third round and finally losing to os in the fourth round, I must say their efforts were not unseen. 

The final was very exciting I must say. Not only did we have THREE (yes, three!) recorders but I was also able to join the final. For those of you who missed out the pw was finals2016 and I was allowed in. Just shocking. I was even allowed to TYPE (honestly!). 

No matter how much I tried to use witchcraft on Kizza00232jera and Yossha (so frustrating that yossha), they just kept going and going. The final ended with 3-10. However, Awesome Girl gave up when it was 3-8. Basically the witchcraft was useless.

Hmm we should have more unofficial clan tournaments. Thoroughly enjoyed this tourney despite stressting and having nevrous breakdown for 90% of time. 

Btw congrats Jeff clan !

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Thanks for mentioning my in it aswell, I have done effort aswell for getting there in the final :/

But nice post haha

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ffa america top 70%
1v1 eu top 20%
team eu top 2.9%
Clan: Jeff

Well done jeffies! <3

My name is Jeff.

Clan: SKT

gz and respect they won with lags!