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Clan tournament - April 4v4 basic

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Clan tournament - April 4v4 basic

Hello players,

Its time for Aprils clan tournament! This month it will be 4v4 basic items tournament.

Important note: Basic items meant as first 10 powerups in Costum section!*

----> The tournament will be held on Saturday, 9th of April at 20:00h CEST!!

*** You can sign up here:  ***

Dont forget to read rules on the tournament page and past tournament topics.

Any questions? Send me a private message.

If you are looking for a clan/players, you can use this topic!

* if you set "Basic" while choosing game items, it will add the achievement and bought powerups too, that is the reason of setting first 10 items in "costum" in this tournament!

See you soon!