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Clan RocK

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Clan RocK

Hi all curves, i write this message to know if someone is interested to enter in this clan. We're looking for thinners precisely. If you are interested contact me ingame or by private messages.


Best regards




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team eu top 30%

Glad to see some clan advertisement on the forum. Just would like to chip in here. Joining a clan is a good way to meet new players in the game, gain skill, and most importantly have fun.

Just for some more clarification:

  • ​What ranks are you looking for?  >1000, >1300, >1600 elo rank
  • How active is your clan?
  • What is the main goal of your clan?

Link to RocK's clan website:​

Good luck with your recruitment process.



Hi Incred

If you could do the same for my clan too please xxxxx


FFA 1726
Team 1570
1v1 1200

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Clan: Luv

Incred, we test players, rank isnt that much important, our clan is very active and our goal is 1st place ^^

Fluffy  (single) :*