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Clan os wins the July 2016 4vs4 special DE tournament!

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Clan os wins the July 2016 4vs4 special DE tournament!

Dear community,

yesterday we had our July 2016 clan tournament played 4vs4 with special items and double elimination. It was a tournament with lots surprises right from the beginning and intense games causing lots of changes in the clanrankings too.
After 4 rounds the first finalist was clear. os won all their games versus the high profile clan GiBo (10:8), BEKA (10:1), DNVD (10:8) and TBU (10:4).
The second finalist had to win the bottom half of the shedule. TBU lost their 4th round versus os after they won 10:3 versus Love and YEAH and 10:7 versus Dzik (world number 1 before the tournament) and faced DNVD in the semifinal after wins versus Wish (10:3) and Hype (10:7), their loss versus os (8:10) followed by wins versus GiBo (10:6) and Dzik (10:7).
The semi final was quite intense. DNVD was leading fast and clearly but TBU could comeback. In the tiebreak DNVD managed to win 12:10 (a video will tried to be uploaded soon) which means TBU came in as 3rd in this tournament and DNVD taking the lead in clanrankings followed by os.
The final of ranked clans #1 and #2 was unfortunately not thrilling. The rematch (3rd round 10:8 for os) was clear from the beginning and os won deserved 10:2 getting their 3rd trophy and being world number 1 in the rankings followed by runner-up DNVD.


Here are the bracket, the rankings and the video of the final

Big thanks to Jezevec10 who hosted the tournament and also big thanks to our streamer miaonaise.

And now one last question: What are your thoughts about Double Elimination? Should we do this more often or just time to time?

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DE idea was great and it brought some new emotions to clan tournaments, however next time, more teams playing would be great to see :D but on the other hand I know that's a bit hard to find clans with 4 players capable of playing so 16 was good :P cheers!

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Lenzuolo I'm a fan <3