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Clan Go wins the November 4vs4 GSpeedPlayerswitch DE tournament!

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Clan: DNVD
Clan Go wins the November 4vs4 GSpeedPlayerswitch DE tournament!

Dear community,

yesterday the November 2016 clan tournament has been played with the quiet new item setting GSpeedPlayerswitch known from WorldCup and with high approval in a poll. 16 clans signed up for the 4vs4 tournament but unfortunately there were some clans that didn't show up. For these clans rule 2.4. will be executed.

From the clans that started clan Go showed most and quite impressive in every round what's their aim -winning the tournament- and how to reach it with high individual skill and teamwork. Congratulations! Runner-up is JSJP, third place goes to NC.

Here are the bracket, the rankings and the video of the final Go vs JSJP which was uploaded by Jezevec10 within 5 minutes after the game ended.

Next month we tend to do an allround tournament with different items in every round, but let's see what happens.

Stay tuned.

Clan: Sauz

Congratulations Go, you did nice job!

Thanks for moderators to host this tournament!

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Clan: Boss

ijzersterkk !!

Give up is not an option for me

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Clan: Go

ijzersterkk !!

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Clan: Vito

Super strong against JSJP, who is crazy here? plz plz plz stop it you m4d4f4k4 j0k3rs. that fkin easy way to the victory. no hate, just love. Kiss 2



Lekker gedaan boys Keep it up !