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Clan GiBo wins the September 2016 2vs2 corner DE tournament!

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Clan GiBo wins the September 2016 2vs2 corner DE tournament!

Dear community,

yesterday the September 2016 clan tournament took place. 16 clans signed up for the 2vs2 tournament and tried to handle the corner item in the double elimination bracket as good as possible. And like last month the final was not for the faint-hearted.

After 4 rounds the first finalist was Dzik, who won all their games. RocK (10:1) and KOLL (10:4) were beaten decisively, but against TBU (12:10) and Jeff (10:8) they had to show their very best to reach the final(s).

So who would face them?

Jeff lost their 4th round (against Dzik) after their wins against BEKA (10-6), PWN (10-4) and LFCs (10-3) so they were quite close playing them again. But there was premonth winner GiBo. After their loss in the first round against TBU (7-10) they showed better shape in every following round. Wins against HAEY (no game), JSJP (11-9), PWN (10-6), in the rematch against TBU decisively (10-2) and against BEKA (10-7) led to the participation in the half final against Jeff rewarding the work of the rounds before. And here GiBo showed their skills again winning 10-4 reaching the final and placing Jeff 3rd of the tournament.

To win the tournament GiBo had to win (like last month) 2 times against Dzik. And they did that again. 10-6 and 12-10 were the results meaning the win of the 5th trophy for clan GiBo and the 2nd in a row. With these wins clan GiBo is now on top of the world as best ranked clan.


Here are the bracket, the rankings and some video links

Big thanks to Jezevec10 and miaonaise aka Recording Account for organising, helping, streaming and recording.

For next month we plan a poll for the items. Stay tuned.


Congrats GiBo but also to my ex-clan LFCs never forgotten <3

Well done JSJP too <333

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