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Clan GiBo wins the August 2016 3vs3 thin DE tournament!

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Clan GiBo wins the August 2016 3vs3 thin DE tournament!

Dear community,

yesterday we had our August 2016 clan tournament. This time it was a 3vs3 thin tournament and again double elimination bracket with 16 clans. And this time the winner wasn't clear till the last round.

After 4 rounds the first finalist was SEGA who won all their games and most of the time quite clear. BEKA (10:3), LSD (10:1), Wish (10:2) and finally vs. GiBo (10:7) were the victims on their winning spree to the final game(s?).

So who would win the bottom half of the shedule and face SEGA in the grand final?
GiBo lost their 4th round after their wins against OsA (10-2), DNVD (10-3) and Jeff (10-8) so they were quite close playing against SEGA again. But the world number 1 clan os wanted to do so too. After wins against 27 (no game), a loss against Jeff (7:10) followed by wins against Duck (10-1), JSJP (11-9), Wish (10-2) and in the rematch against Jeff  (10-7) they played vs. GiBo in the half final. But GiBo could win in a high class match with 10-8 reaching the final so os became 3rd.

To win the tournament GiBo now had to win 2 times against the clan which already defeated them in this evening. And they really did that. 10-7 and 10-8 against SEGA were the results meaning the win of the 4th trophy for clan GiBo. With these wins clan GiBo became 4th best ranked clan in the world.


Here are the bracket, the rankings and some video links

Big thanks to all who were helping and playing

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Sheesh that round at 21:10!

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