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I had this idea, and I don't know if this has been suggested before..if so just close this topic.  

I thought about some spawning circles like a powerup, each of one with an amount of coins on it. Let's say a 100,250,500 coins circles spawning randomly in the map, at a low rate.

The player who gets that, gets the coins charged on account.

Some sort of christmas gift.  

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It is a bit late to get something like this in for christmas, do note that every feature we add takes ATLEAST 2 weeks (and considering how many problems we had at the ranks update, maby we should make that 3 weeks)

However no worries, we do have something in mind for an update soon.

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Seems cool, but seen how much coins you get by playing (one coin per minute), the amounts seem a bit much. Shouldn't it be more like 10, 25 and 50? For the rest, good idea for christmas!

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nice idea, too bad it's too late ;x

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Dont think its worth the effort to implement this, it would be cool if programmers had more time at hand, but theres so many other things they should prioritize over this in my opinion :) Otherwise its a good idea for a bit of fun, could just be for the 24th of december.





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maybe some Christmas reduction for colors, for example : rainbow from 5.500coins to 3.500 or something ;)