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Cheaters at thin team game

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Cheaters at thin team game

Tonight, unfortunaly, i catched some cheaters again. This time, was in a team thin game.

There were two acconts from the same guy, Imrank3500, and one of the acconts was dead. Besides that, Macierew (purple) that was on our team, played against us inomerous times, making a fool out of us "letting us reach 9 points". I still dont know how there's such an assholes (sorry for ther term) in this such great game, this is a game of gentlemens that fair, not kids that dont know how to play and go against the rules, just cuse by the book they cant do nothing. This is a call for youre conscience also curve fever players. Fair. If it would happen to you, wouldnt you liked that someone fair? and dont do this type of behaviour that we see here pls, this is unnaceptable.

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Dear Diogo Calado,

thank you for your report.
This player is known unfortunately.
A permanent ban is given and further actions are issued.

Kind regards

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