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Change at tribunal

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Change at tribunal

I thought about a problem at tribunal. If you report someone there it shows the hole text from your join to the room, till the time of the report. The problem is that sometimes the reportet persons know who joined at this point(if you join it is typical to say "hi" or something to someone) and on this way they could sometimes find out who reported them and annoy this person. So my suggestion would be to automaitc cut the text of the report to the first line where the reported person say something(version without work for mods) or a precut which is done by the mods.

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Hello, the chat log you see when you click on the report button really shows only the part of the chat since you've joined the room, but the tribunal works with a different log that is coming from the chat server. This log contains also the part of the chat before you joined the room. Therefore reported people can't find out who reported them using this deduction.