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CFMS 2017

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CFMS 2017

Curve Fever mentors and students programme

Firstly I would like to say that this programme is not time-consuming at all because I know this is the main reason many players do not want to be a part of it. Mentor and student can plan their own sessions and how often they spend with each other. I would say at least 5 games per week and this isn't even time-consuming. And, yes, this was not my idea but I wanted to give something to the community to help you all. I hope it is enough.

We've created this programme to create a system where both mentors and students can benefit from each other. This programme involves players, mentors, helping other players, students, who want to improve. 

The idea is very simple. It involves separating the students into groups depending on how skilled they are and also which item they would like to improve on.

We are currently only doing thin, speed and corner.

We decided to create a system in which everyone benefits from. Therefore, students can become mentors for the students which are in a group lower than theirs.

There will also be regular FFA and 1v1 unofficial tournaments.

How can I help?

  1. We need around 2-3 assistants for each group who monitor that group and make sure everything is working fine
  2. We also need 'Creators' who work alongside Maqician. coming up with new ideas when necessary
  3. We also need someone who has good experience with making spreadsheets on google docs

If you would like to apply for any of these positions please send a Private Message to Maqician.

Why should I become mentor?

  1. Making a contribution to this community
  2. Helping other players
  3. Reducing gap between higher and lower ranked players
  4. Fun and creative way of playing with others
  5. You are also improving your own play as mentors have the opportunity to become students too


  1. You need to be active
  2. Should be determined to better yourself and others
  3. Care about making improvements
  4. Not show inappropriate behaviour

How can I apply?

You can apply by commenting below. If you are applying as a mentor, please mention which items you are confident with.

If you are applying as student, please mention which item(s) you would like to improve on.  If you would like to be both mentor and student, please mention this too. 

What happens after I apply?

Once we have found enough mentors and students, we will contact you and match you to the appropriate groups. Make sure to check forums regularly for any updates and news because it will be time-consuming to ask every mentor and student ourselves.


List of mentors

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  1. Kanches
  2. chefe-SK
  3. SuperSuka
  4. malmaarmals058
  5. Psybox
  6. Bantersaurus
  7. CfaniaczekPro
  8. Addict'
  9. MaestroMarre
  10. sam_pum
  11. male chauvinist pig
  12. Severity.
  13. CurveLegend
  14. Mellifluous
  15. Casper478
  16. .Loki
  17. Mr.Kyuubi
  18. The BlackReaper
  19. ZenGa91
  20. DH1806
  21. baboka

List of students

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  1. Darkshadow666
  2. Albalv00
  3. Wuffypie
  4. Purr.
  5. TheRealChinese
  6. ArunP
  7. Scary'
  8. Afakas
  9. boring.popel
  10. Laura'.
  11. Unpredictable.
  12. xFocuz 'YT'
  13. Severity.
  14. UnknownNoobPlayer
  15. imthe-1
  16. Miss Diamond
  17. t0x.
  18. Chloe-404