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CF3 Standalone: almost unplayable

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CF3 Standalone: almost unplayable

Today I decided to try out the standalone version of CF3. At the beginning everything seemed ok. But after a while... oh my, where should I start...

I have to point out that all of the bugs below doesn't happen anymore after going back to the browser version.

- "fat bug" (well, I heard that's what it's called) literally every 3 matches. The match keeps running, but all I can do is stare at the 2 curves going straight forever, while collision decides to take a break. 1st time it happened when I quickly picked up 3 speed ups, but in the other cases it happend randomly.

- every few rounds curves I see on the screen doesn't match the actual situation in the match, resulting in absurdal things like coming through the curves or getting killed in the middle of blank space

- the arenas use to not load, just the error appears

- a few times the game put me in the empty arena and after like one minute of waiting kicked me back to main menu

- some random crashes

- game doesn't fit quite well to my 16:10 monitor, the resolution is ok, but I have awful grey blank space under the UI

- some random lagging

Basically it's everything I encountered... in 15 minutes. Fifteen. Minutes. While the browser version works fine on my machine, the standalone is buggy and laggy. 

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I find this really odd. The standalone runs much better for me than any browsers I used. It's consistently smooth and thus makes the gameplay more enjoyable. One problem of yours that I can relate to however is the "game taking a break from collision" glitch. It happens about once every few games I'd say. As for other problems, when I hit the side of a curve barely it will let me continue for another two seconds or so. It confuses me - because I don't know if I am alive or dead. This happens always once a game; however I am not sure if this happens in the browser as well. Another difference is that browser has Curve Radio while the Standalone does not.

So as you can see, the browser and standalone version of the game vary quite a bit. I'm sorry that the standalone doesn't work too well for you. The standalone constantly gets updated  whenver the game updates so ideally it will be more smooth in the future for more players.

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Can I ask where you are from Ozzman? Sounds like an Australian name :p

Yeah things are still in heavy development. I don't know how well the game/standalone version deals with heavy lag. It will need a lot of optimization :/

Keep logging the bugs. Descriptions with screenshots are very helpful :)

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Actually I'm Polish :P I'll be trying out standalone once in a while to look for any improvements (and eventually new problems). BTW, the game itself is much better than CF2, keep rockin' :D


The second bug you describe happens to me constantly on the browser version (see I'm pretty sure some of the other bugs you described also happen on both versions.

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