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CF3: Custom Play ideas ;>

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CF3: Custom Play ideas ;>

Here just some points/ideas which I really hope will be implemented
(if they r not already planned, because I cant be the only one who thought about these)

In custom play there are tons of different game experiences possible with different Powerups combinations.

One thing which annoys me alot that the possible Powerup drop possibility on 100% is way too low.
Sure you can add bubble=Three Circles and it will boost it.
But if u got 4+ different Powerups in FFA8, the possibility that at the start, a bubble spawns and someone takes it, is in my opinion way too low. Without this, your funny chaos mode becomes a full camp game.

This is the reason (imo) that many crazy/different or just a mode with more than 4 Powerups is not possible.
GSPEED+green corner (and many more!) could be so funny ;c

I hope in CF3 you can set the Powerup possibility idk on 150%? or set that a certain Powerup (Bubbles) spawns more frequently than others. (Or Bubbles boost the drop possibility more)

and another function for custom play I wish gets implemented is
To enable certain Powerups (in the room settings) so they start from every round begin (and stay enabled).
For example: Closing Walls (I hope with a setting how fast they are :x), Cheese, Corner or just Traverse Walls(go tru walls).(maybe speed or thin aswell :p) 
So they are  enabled every round and stay enabled.
Just activating/turn off walls *-* could make many different modes possible.

I guess this was everything :D

scurr scurr (=kind regards)

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good ideas :) sometimes with 100% u feel it like 70%, this is true. that needs some boost.

and another idea - haha, i also was thingking about it, but im too lazy to post. it could be good way for non-speed players learn to play speed: when in ur room is enabled option with x2 or x3 speed. Same could be applied for small turn (funny item imo), corner or even red finger! (evil laugh) :D

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