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CF2 'an error has occurred' on busy late night hours

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CF2 'an error has occurred' on busy late night hours

hi, I've an issue with my account when I try to play during late night hours (8 pm onwards) . Every single time, every day I'm getting the meassage 'an error has occurred' and I'm not able to play at all. It has started to happening since I bought premium. It's been few weeks so far and it is really annoying. Any advices how to fix it? please let me know. I tried with guest account and it works fine as well as some other accounts. 

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I don't think that it is connected with the premium. But if I check the time, you have it for about a week and since that date there are some login issues. Try this one:

Seems the solution of Destin. is working



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how come that I can play w guest account and not with premium? I tried today, same issue :( 
I was trying to disable that thing  which Destin recomended but on mac is qute different so don't know what to do. 

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