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Cf tour sponsorship prize money

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Cf tour sponsorship prize money

Hey all. I wanna create tournament which could have prize money. It would be thin team tournament of 3v3 or 4v4, likely 3v3 because more money per player. Anyone have ideas, problem i see now that 3 best players join and they win easily, how to solve this, make it by country i see as solution. Another problem, 2 problems actually anyone could give, some money around 3-5 eu to tournament bank, and maybe not even play tour themselves.Other thing i want cheap withdrawal- how tp do it help, cause player gets 15eu, taxes can be 7eu.

Goal of this is to motivate others do better and bring this game alive after summer, 

Tour should include long schedule on which both teams agree, like whats least laggy time or day to play. I want like group stages be faster, but finals should be given break few days and splitted to few days

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Playing unofficial tournaments will always be allowed but you are suggesting something a lot different. This would involve real money which we will not allow. This would cause many problems and discussions.

I'll close the topic since it is not relevant to comment.


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