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CC: Banned for Nothing (seriously)

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1v1 eu nr. 18
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Clan: Boss
CC: Banned for Nothing (seriously)

I have been banned together with Monet for absolutely no reason. Yesterday Meringue and his 2 other polish friends magdula and 19dami98 decided to troll us by having red speed FFA in the title and changing the items to red speed and blue eraser the very last second before he decided to start the game. They obviously had lots of fun trolling us till Monet and I started to backfire by giving them a taste of their own medicine. We played 1v1 with red speed and eraser, which means it will be hard for two good people to die quickly, and since there's a bug that makes you go through lines after 11 minutes, made the round even longer. Since dying in wall is the only way to lose. Neither of us (Monet and I) were willing to give up and we stayed alive till one of us gave up eventually. That one was me, I lasted 35 minutes approximately. Through these 35 minutes the polaks were obviously getting upset and started to threaten us with getting reported and already wishing us a good luck and hoping we will enjoy our ban.

First of all, it was Meringue that decided to troll us and change the items so I have no clue why he is getting annoyed now and neither his friends. When the game just started they loved is so much, yess we trolled them, till we decided to troll back and now Monet and I have to face a punishment of two weeks? First of all, Alisa Bosconovich who expoloited the system and used at least 5 of his accounts to make people he hates lagg. He did that with approximately 7 players. Arrow. had been banned for 3 days because he had done it for just 1 time with just 1 player. He did this multiple time to all the people he had done this to, which means he has done it atleast 14 to 20 times. And 20 multiplied by 3 means 60 days ban > 3 months. And all he gets is a 5 day ban for seriously expoiting the game multiple times in multiple games. And that's not it, he also boosted himself.

Again, what I did was incorrect, eventhough if I should be punished for trolling Meringue and his 2 other polish friends for trolling me and the entire room, I think they also deserve a ban. Everyone can confirm, Purr. even left the game after first few rounds and that was not even us that made him leave but rather magdula, 19dami98 and Meringue because they decided to troll the entire room. Thrill, Bantersaurus, 2hot4u and Hard Drop can confirm that they trolled us on purpose. 

bye yall.