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Categorising (GS) Player Styles

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Clan: salt
Categorising (GS) Player Styles

For my own amusement, I'd like to share my subjective categorisation of green speed players. Feel free to disagree with my placements (of players) but I intend to be as impartial as possible. Without further ado, let's begin!

[If you would like a place on this list, feel free to request it.]

[Very low ranked players or players who have not proven themselves to be a worthy adversary will not be considered.] 

*READ*  By no means have I intended to rank players according to skill, I have arbitrarily written names in the list which fit the same playing style. No single playing style is superior to the other. Anyone can defeat anyone.

[I] - inactive



sam_pum [I]

(Players such as Yossha would also fit this category.)

Playstyle Description: These particular players have a very accurate playing style; they aim to be as efficient as possible: stealing as much space as they can, utilising tricks, adhering to patterns and player tendencies, they aim to exploit their opponent's mistakes. And whilst they may have amazing speed control, they're not concerned with showing off, instead, they're more focused on killing their opponents as quickly and smartly as possible leaving no chance at all for counter-play. A style of mastery indeed.


Iron Tigers 

General Graardor*

Playstyle Description: The nickname 'Iron Tiger' was given to Tigran Petrosian, a former world chess champion who in his era was considered 'the hardest opponent to beat'. Likewise, The Iron Tigers of green speed are such players who play to survive at all costs. Often, unlike Snipers, they're not concerned with stealing space, instead, they thrive on staying alive as long as possible and achieving victory in such a way it avoids dying at all costs. And while they may understand that their opportunities to kill may be limited by playing in such a manner, defeating them is without a doubt a very long and arduous challenge.

*General Graardor is a hybrid of an Iron Tiger and Speed Demon, but I feel the term and playstyle Iron Tiger is more fitting for him.





Sinnoh [I]

Zaw. [I]

Playstyle Description: *Warning* *Warning*: if you encounter the players on this list, I recommend killing them immediately. The Catalysts of green speed are skillful killers who aim to annihilate their opponents with speed spawns. Forgoing even a single speed spawn will often lead to regret since these players are extremely efficient. The most effective way of beating such players is to forgo absolutely nothing. Kill them before they kill you. 



Superboy'* [I]

Jimmydb  [I]


Playstyle Description: Hybrids are such players who possess the Sniper ethos of winning accurately and the 'Iron Tiger' survivability skill. Such players are extremely solid and are often very reliable players who prove to be extremely versatile. Possessing the skill and strength to carry, or to act as a supporting player, such players are often one of the best candidates for having on your team.

*Superboy' has a very special playstyle which can be best described as 'robotic'. 


Speed Demons





Yea Pizza*




Playstyle Description: Possessing amazing speed control, the Speed Demons are such players who, at times, can be the most dangerous threat in the game. The Demons are players who thrive on taking as many spawns as possible to quickly eviscerate their enemies. 

*Yea Pizza or Jana is perhaps one of the strongest (independent) female speeders of this game. Possessing amazing speed skill, and not being solely dependent on others, she has proven she can carry anyone.






Playstyle Description: The Tacticians of green speed are players who play to win based on teamwork, thought, and careful movement. They possess amazing strategic knowledge of the game and tend to abstain from risking. Instead, they thrive on tactically outsmarting their opponents for a quick and easy victory. Tacticians are the most reliable players to have on your team and will almost always win the round in a 1v1.

* Highlights a particular special characteristic of that player.

P.S. Myself: Tactician/Sniper

Finally, most players do not exclusively have only one playstyle, but if you were to ask me to assign them a singular playstyle well... there you go. Thanks for checking this out.  

Last updated: 26/11/2018

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appreciate the work you put in this, also tnx for compliment xD

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Bax, very good topic, I could to do my own, but this time I feel a bit bored :) Categorising (GS) Player Styles what u did looks very good in my opinion I can honestly tell u this, because I know their styles enough good, too true about it what u said: ,,Again, this categorisation is, of course, subjective (as subjectivity is inevitable), but I must strain that I have tried to be as objective as possible'' I agree. Last thing, your words about me in this post are really in line with what I think about my game, thank you :p

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Really nice topic!!

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very nice topic man, appreciate the work you did put in it.
Reading this actually motivates me to rock and carry harder vs strong teams in cf 2.

# Still proud leader of Boss

Lets rock a war bby

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kinda disagree with most of it but thanks for featuring me

Clan: salt

Anything in particular? Curious to hear your thoughts.

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Dont ever wanna see Gazi listed up as a Speed demon again

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Which catagory would you put me in? Nice topic by the way!

Master Rahl.

Clan: salt

BLAcKYeLLoW wrote:

Dont ever wanna see Gazi listed up as a Speed demon again

Remember that everything you see here is opinionated and not factual.

Darken. wrote:

Which catagory would you put me in? Nice topic by the way!

I can't definitively say at the moment; I haven't played much with/against you. I'm, however, leaning towards 'hybrid' from the very little I do know about your playstyle. I, also, realise I've clumsily left out many other very good speeders.

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Nice topic , thank you for my position


Good Vibes here -> full camp 09:36

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Maybe she can teach u how to be a team player tho

my guide for improving cf performance 3.1

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She cant I think, but u could.