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Can't recive my gift....

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Can't recive my gift....


i am a member of curve fever comunity for 5 years 7 months, and i had a little breake, and when i came here i saw there is a curfe fever pro/3, i got a tab that was saying het your gift, i filled up everything, for the beast skin. When i clicked done the site is loading for 5mins then crushes, what can i do? 

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This gift was for CurveFever 3, which doesn't exist anymore. The CurveFever 3 players got some stuff for cfpro(as far as I know), when the game got shut down, but there was no reward for cfpro as CurveFever 2 player.

So you won't receive any gift anymore, as the game which had this feature, got shut down a half year ago.



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Why there is a still option to withdraw it.... XD

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devs stopped caring