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Silent Night. and I have decided to host an unofficial Green Speed + Blue Eraser + 3 Circles Free For All tournament.

This event will be fought on: Sunday, 18th August 20:00 CEST.

You will have the chance to sign up via:

- Posting a comment on forum - "I'm in."

- Messaging Silent Night./Shikon. through private message on forum.

- Adding us in-game and message us if you're partaking it and to confirm if you are available for the event.

The deadline will be: Saturday, 17th August 23:59 CEST.

You do not have to be premium to participate in this event, although make sure you do have at least 500 coins to host a room if you do not have a premium player in your designated room.


Spoiler: Highlight to view


I accept that the tournament is played with the game as it is, with all the lags and bugs in there. - No compensation for bugs or lag. No rematches. The organization is always right. Tournament hosts always have the last word.

I have read, understood and agree with the rules, as posted in this topic.
No cheating in any way. It also means that targeting a user without tactical intention will not be tolerated in this tournament. 
You need to be on time. Being late does not grant you the option to demand being a part of that tournament game. The host can decide to wait maximally 3 minutes.
All games are hosted on the European servers.
The winning player will post the results on Discord to #tournament-results channel.
You must have fun, keep curving and enjoy your time with friends and meeting new people :).
If players end up on same position, the Discord BOT will choose.


We expect you 10 minutes before the time on the schedule. If you don't see your game in the lobby yet, please make it yourself.
All times are mentioned in Central European Summer Time.
Tournament hosts or friends of yours will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.


Name of the room: TOURNAMENT XX [You will be able to see this on the schedule.]

Password: Will be mentioned on the schedule.

Type: Premium.

Scale: Scaled.

Game: FFA.

Powerups: Green Speed, Blue Eraser, 3 Circles.

Amount of players: 8.

Stats: Ranked.



If you don't show up in the first round, you will be out of the tournament.
If you have no opponent in the schedule, you will auto advance to the next round. Wait at least a few more minutes. 
Please don't leave after the first round, first check if you are still in the tournament.
If you finish on a red place, you will be out of the tournament.


The winner of the match has to post the results on Discord at #tournament-results channel. Join Curve Fever Discord:
Please check the schedule.


There is no prize yet but any donations will be welcome!


We hope to see all of you in tournament!

Shikon. & Silent Night.




I'm in

ffa america top 14%
1v1 america top 9.2%
team america top 36%
Clan: BENK

I'm in.

ffa america top 2.3%
1v1 america nr. 59
team america top 7.4%

im in

team america top 63%

I'm in
Dm me if you wanna team lmao



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ffa america top 4.2%
team america top 13%

Im in if there are pancakes with nutella.


Sorry, the tournament has been cancelled because of lack of participants.

Its Land M