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Can we give a reward for trying?

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Can we give a reward for trying?

I'm really not an expert on the cf2 rank system but one thing is bothering me a little bit and i wonder if there could be adjustments about it, if its justified. 

Plain and simple, could the rank system if a team loses by 2 points only, make an exception and reward the try and the similiar skills?

For example: your team loses by 2 points 12-14 or 9-11 (you get the idea.) could it be acknowledged and you get lesser minus rank as a reward for trying? And mayhaps the other team lesser plus rank? But mainly its about the losing team in my opinion which simply loses the same amount of rank no matter if they lost 0-10 or 8-10.(if that is correct.)

Well i'm sure other people thought of this before, so i wonder if this could be a good idea or if there are reasons against it.

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Hi there violetta von flatterfels, thank you for the suggestion!

Personally I think the team rank system of CF2 is good right now, changing it might lead to chaos. It's just easy to calculate what the score will be before the game ends, some people like that. But I understand your idea, this idea already got implemented in the tournaments. A team that wins 11-9 gets only 2 points instead of 3 and the loser gets like 1 point. So ofcourse it is a reasonable idea, but I don't think it will be implemented ;) Win = win, lose = lose.

Let's try harder next time! :p 

My name is Jeff.

True yea, it would be too much work for a small effect. 

Nevermind! :) 


So goal to win 10-0, no relaxed games, even more rage, just what we need in this community. And thats bad cause no thrill to have 8-8, not much pts will be won, at this point id say even give more pts to team that wins 10-8 Biggrin jk. but no thrill at 8-8 where fails matter, you wanna take one thing away whats still fun in cf.

Haven't thought about it from this angle, yeah Kevin-Prince, that might be a good argument against my idea.