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Can somebody please answer me this about paying games

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Can somebody please answer me this about paying games

When me and my friends are in school,we play it together

nobody has premium and games are locked with pw btw

  1. we play it on 2 keyboards,
  2. if i pay 100 credits,can i take teams and special powers ups,or is it 100 for each?
  3. does my friend have to pay 60 because there are 3 on a keyboard or only 20,
  4. are teams possible 3v4
  5. if i make a game with 100 credits,and after we are done(some1 gets 50 points) do i have to pay 100 to start again
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You can make your game how you want it for free,
but if you START a premium game, only the host has to pay 100 credits.

But if you are with more users on one keyboard, I don't really know it.
I guess the real host has to pay, and the +1, +2 etc. can play for free.

Yes, Team games are possible to play 3v4.
Every new premium game, you have to pay the 100 credits.
You pay each game, not each room.

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